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Icône fabriqués en France

In France

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Made in France and minimal carbon footprint

  • Entirely made in France 🇫🇷

  • Our pillbox made from cardboard and plant-based plastic ♻️

  • We have chosen local partners 🌱

  • Approach to ecology and sustainable development 🌿

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Argalys food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients, i.e. vitamins and mineral salts, substances for nutritional purposes

Marie-Gabrielle Domizi Dietitian Nutritionist

A transparent range of supplements with Les Essentiels

We designed the Argalys Essentials range of food supplements with the aim of offering transparent products with proven usefulness.

This involves simple formulations, suitable for everyone, and the choice of the best ingredients.

The composition of our supplements is systematically detailed and we exclude controversial substances such as GMOs or magnesium stearate!

We are also committed to offering 100% vegan ingredients and the absence of animal testing. All our products are certified by The Vegetarian Society *.

All our supplements are 100% made in France and pill boxes are made from 100% recyclable natural products, without endocrine disruptors.

Choose the best ingredients and only offer transparent products with proven usefulness: the Essentials.

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