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The new generation of food supplements adapted to your daily life

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  • Omega 3 DHA 1980x1932 logos

    Omega 3 DHA Vegan

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  • Collagene Vegan 1980x1932

    Vegan Collagen

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  • Probiotique Vegaflore 2 1980x1932

    VEGAFLORE (pre and probiotics)

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    Plant Biotin

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  • Vitamine B12 Argalys Essentiels 1980x1932 logos

    Vitamin B12 (1000 µg) + Iodine and Selenium

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  • Fer 1980x1932 logos

    Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot

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  • Multivitamins and minerals

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    Immuno Tonus Bio

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Fundamental nutritional aspects

Argalys Essentiels products aim to supplement daily food requirements in all circumstances with highly studied and transparent formulas.

The advantages of the range?

All the products are made and produced in France, eco-responsible (with 100% recyclable and compostable pill boxes) and for all consumers (vegan certified by The Vegetarian Society).

A range with the “essentials”

We have designed the Argalys Essentiels range with the aim of offering transparent products with proven usefulness.

This requires simple formulations, adapted to all, and the choice of the best ingredients.

The composition of our supplements is systematically detailed and we exclude controversial substances such as GMOs or magnesium stearate!

We are also committed to offering 100% vegan ingredients and the absence of animal testing throughout the production process. All our products are certified by The Vegetarian Society*.

Finally, we want products with minimal carbon impact and maximum environmental quality.
All our supplements are 100% made in France and pillboxes are made from natural products that are 100% recyclable, without endocrine disruptors.

Choosing the best ingredients and offering only transparent products with proven usefulness: the essentials.

Rond multivitamines et mineraux argalys essentiels complement alimentaires vegan
Rond omega 3 DHA vegan argalys Essentiels

Coverage of daily nutritional requirements

Protein, vitamin and mineral requirements must be covered on a daily basis.

In adulthood, without growth, our body renews about 200 million cells every minute!

This requires a daily intake of all essential amino acids and the vast majority of vitamins and minerals that are poorly stored in the body.

The products in our Argalys Essentiels range have been designed to provide targeted responses to weaknesses or risks detected.

Every day they provide your body with the nutrients and “facilitators” that allow its optimal functioning.

We have designed our Argalys Essentiels range around 6 essential values

Doing Less to Do Better :

With Argalys Essentiels, we want to offer formulas with understandable utility and a controlled budget.

We do not believe in the interest of a large segmentation of nutritional intake (Senior formulas, sports formulas, etc.) and in the multiplication of food supplements without proven effectiveness.

We all have a large common base of nutritional needs and overdoses are useless when the daily balance is respected.

We therefore favour formulas for everyone, even though we recognise a limited number of specificities, for example:

  • Vitamin B12, iodine, DHA /omega 3 for diets that are mainly or exclusively vegetable.
  • Iron, for which supplementation concerns mainly women and sportsmen.
  • The basic treatments that modify the body’s reaction to certain nutrients (e.g. diabetic treatment with metformin and vitamin B12).

Be consistent with our history:
We are an independent family business, eager to do our job well: nutrition before marketing.

The choice of a formula is decided on the basis of its nutritional relevance and its contribution to better health.

100% certified Vegan :
As a matter of principle, we guarantee the absence of any form of animal contribution to our products.
We choose ingredients from Organic Farming whenever possible, without compromising the effectiveness of the formulas.

A carbon footprint as small as possible :
This is in line with our desire for French manufacturing with supplies that are as local as possible.
Packaging designed and manufactured in France:
Our pillbox is made from cardboard and vegetable plastic (corn), considered to be the most eco-responsible packaging available.

Efficient products and transparent formulas:
We hide nothing from you from the formulation to the production of our supplements.
This is achieved through clear factual communication, a very educational website and a team available to answer all your questions!

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