Immunity Pack

Immunity Pack

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  • Multivitamins and minerals with 17 nutrients including magnesium
  • vitamin B6 and vitamin D3
  • Immuno Tonus with Ginseng
  • Astragalus and Acerola to give your body a boost.

Fatigue, decreased concentration, occasional minor illnesses, with our pack, you act on the different sectors of your physiological dynamism and improve your body's tonic and immune response.

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Stress, anxiety, intestinal imbalance, these are all small inconveniences on which our pack will act.
By combining the Omega 3 DHA and Vegaflore (Vegan Pre and Probiotics), you act on your everyday well-being.

✔ Omega 3 which acts directly on nervous balance
✔ Probiotics that act on the flora to reduce stress

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The Immunity Pack combines 2 formulas designed to boost your immunity and reduce your daily fatigue. With Immuno Tonus, we have a 100% organic, 100% natural stimulating formula with a combination of 3 concentrated plant extracts and two essential oils known for their adaptogenic and toning properties. And with the Multivitamins and minerals, you have a supply of vitamins and minerals essential to your daily life to make up for your deficits.

Pascal Charpentier – Argalys Director – DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER

Questions answers

Yes, including for strict vegans. We have followed the recommendations of the Vegan Federation and each capsule provides 10 micrograms of vitamin B12, i.e. 4 times the theoretical daily dose. There is no risk of vitamin B12 overdose, regardless of diet.

No, by deliberate choice. Iron and many vitamins and minerals interact negatively when present in the stomach and intestine together, resulting in poorer absorption. In addition, it is rarely necessary to take Iron daily in the long term, whereas the Multivitamins and minerals can be consumed all year round: Two good reasons to separate “Iron from the “Multi”.

No. The formula perfectly respects the Maximum Daily Doses (DJM) defined by the health authorities (EFSA, ANSES).

Ginseng and vitamin C (from acerola) may still make you have a somewhat active night if you take them just before falling asleep! On the other hand, taking one capsule during the evening meal during an attack cure is possible. It is better, however, to enjoy the stimulating effect during the day!

Yes, without any particular contraindication.
The Immuno Tonus aims to stimulate the immune system with a "boost" effect, while the Multivitamins and Minerals target the vitamins and minerals most weakly present in our diet.

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