Les vitamines essentielles pendant la grossesse : pour la maman et son bébé
Essential vitamins during pregnancy: for the mother and her baby
During pregnancy, the mother's hygiene and diet have a direct influence on the development of the fetus. His mother's blood is the only source of nourishment for this fragile new organism!
Zoom sur les propriétés, bienfaits et besoins du Molybdène
Zoom on the properties, benefits and needs of Molybdenum
Molybdenum is not the best known trace element, yet it is essential to the body. Focus on its benefits and the needs of the body.
Quels sont les bienfaits de la vitamine H ?
What are the benefits of vitamin H?
Biotin or vitamin B8 is one of those essential nutrients for good daily health. But do you know what is the role of vitamin B8?
La vitamine A : quels sont les bienfaits et le rôle de la vitamine A ?
Vitamin A: what are the benefits and role of vitamin A?
Vitamin A or retinol is an essential nutrient for good daily health, although its role is often overlooked.
Quels sont les bienfaits et les propriétés de l'iode ?
What are the benefits and properties of iodine?
Iodine is only present in the human body in trace amounts. However, its importance is great for the proper functioning of the body because it is involved in many metabolic reactions.
Les 5 micronutriments à privilégier chez les personnes âgées
The 5 micronutrients to favor in the elderly
The older you get, the more the metabolism slows down and the body changes. This results in a lower performance of the digestive system and a lower absorption of minerals and vitamins.
Complément alimentaire immunité, découvrez le pouvoir des plantes
Food supplement immunity, discover the power of plants
Viruses, bacteria, stress, our immune system is challenged daily. To stay healthy all year round, it is sometimes necessary to give our natural defenses a little boost. Immuno Tonus Bio is a...
Comment sont contrôlés les compléments alimentaires en France
How are food supplements controlled in France?
In this article, we give you the keys to better understand how food supplements are controlled in France.
Vitamine D et prévention des risques respiratoires : quelques repères importants
Vitamin D and prevention of respiratory risks: some important points
Vitamin D is one of the micronutrients that have a positive impact on general immunity and resistance to respiratory diseases.
Compléments alimentaires : quand et pourquoi prendre des compléments alimentaires ?
Food supplements: when and why to take food supplements?
Food supplements meet many basic needs of the human body. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to see clearly...