Our history

For more than 20 years, our family business in the Lyon region , Argalys, has developed its expertise in the design of nutritional supplements to serve French and international customers.

The idea of ​​creating our range of food supplements was born in 2018 when we were looking for food supplements for our own consumption.

We noticed that, faced with the excessive number of references available on the market and the excessive diversity of formulations, it became impossible to understand the real usefulness of the products and their effectiveness.

Best Ingredients

We have therefore chosen to create a short range, with products accessible to all (vegan certification) and with proven usefulness to allow everyone to find the supplement adapted to their needs.

This requires original and coherent formulations, with easily understandable usefulness.
We also choose the best ingredients because we attach great importance to the origin of the products we consume. For example, we have eliminated magnesium stearate from our products to use only natural additives in very small quantities.

Sylvie & Pascal, les fondateurs

Depuis la création d'Argalys et le lancement de notre propre gamme de compléments, nous avons à coeur de créer des produits qui soient efficaces, de qualité et accessibles à tous afin de permettre à nos clients de trouver les produits adaptés à leur quotidien, sans compromis.