Le scorbut et la découverte de la vitamine C
Le scorbut et la découverte de la vitamine C
Découvrez l'histoire de la découverte de la vitamine C, grâce aux épopées maritimes du 15ème siècle, et les ravages du scorbut.
L'essentiel sur la vitamine C et ses bienfaits
Understand everything about vitamin C and its benefits
La vitamine C, aussi connue sous le nom d'acide ascorbique, est une vitamine hydrosoluble essentielle à de nombreuses fonctions biologiques
Les vitamines essentielles pendant la grossesse : pour la maman et son bébé
Essential vitamins during pregnancy: for the mother and her baby
During pregnancy, the mother's hygiene and diet have a direct influence on the development of the fetus. His mother's blood is the only source of nourishment for this fragile new organism!
8 conseils pour vous aider à mieux dormir
Conseils bien-être
8 tips to help you sleep better
More than 70% of French people say they suffer from sleep disorders! Here are 8 tips to put into practice tonight to fall asleep quickly and have a restful rest.
Le rôle modérateur de la vitamine D sur les allergies respiratoires (pollens, acariens, chats)
The moderating role of vitamin D on respiratory allergies (pollen, dust mites, cats)
At least 20% of adults are affected by allergies. In addition to conventional treatments, a study has highlighted the importance of vitamin D supplementation!
Les Minéraux essentiels pendant la grossesse
Essential minerals during pregnancy
A woman's nutritional needs change during pregnancy. To support the growth and development of the fetus, it is essential to ensure that its supply of nutrients is sufficient.
Tout comprendre sur la mélatonine et le sommeil
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Understand everything about melatonin and sleep
Although not considered an essential nutrient, melatonin is an essential hormone in the body. Often called "sleep hormone", it takes its nickname from its activity on falling asleep and its role ...
Qu’est-ce que la Kératine ? Une protéine indispensable à la beauté des cheveux
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What is Keratin? An essential protein for hair beauty
Our hair has exceptional properties that are often overlooked. But did you know that behind their qualities hides keratin?
L’efficacité du Palmier nain sur la chute de cheveux
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The effectiveness of saw palmetto on hair loss
Whether it occurs in men or women, excessive hair loss can be a source of complexes or stress for those affected. Although its origin can be linked to many factors, in the majority of cases it is a...
Oméga 3 : Le rôle du DHA sur la mémoire et le cerveau
Omega 3: The role of DHA on memory and the brain
Omega 3s have been the subject of numerous studies to highlight their fundamental role in the development and normal functioning of the brain!
Quelles sont les meilleures vitamines pour les cheveux ?
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What are the best vitamins for hair?
Several micronutrients are essential for healthy hair: minerals, amino acids, vitamins. In this article we detail the role of vitamins on the vitality and resistance of our hair.
Zoom sur les propriétés, bienfaits et besoins du Molybdène
Zoom on the properties, benefits and needs of Molybdenum
Molybdenum is not the best known trace element, yet it is essential to the body. Focus on its benefits and the needs of the body.
Quels sont les bienfaits de la vitamine H ?
What are the benefits of vitamin H?
Biotin or vitamin B8 is one of those essential nutrients for good daily health. But do you know what is the role of vitamin B8?
La vitamine B5 : propriétés, bienfaits et carence
Vitamin B5: properties, benefits and deficiency
Nicknamed “anti-stress vitamin”, vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is also well known for its restorative action on the skin and hair.
La vitamine A : quels sont les bienfaits et le rôle de la vitamine A ?
Vitamin A: what are the benefits and role of vitamin A?
Vitamin A or retinol is an essential nutrient for good daily health, although its role is often overlooked.
Les aliments Ultra-transformés : que risque-t-on à les consommer ?
Ultra-processed foods: what are the risks of eating them?
Ultra-processed foods are everywhere and represent more than 50% of products sold in supermarkets!
Le Sélénium, un antioxydant aux nombreux bienfaits
Selenium, an antioxidant with many benefits
Selenium is an essential trace element for the body. In this article we will answer the main questions about it
La vitamine B6 ou pyridoxine : rôles, bienfaits et carence
Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine: roles, benefits and deficiency
Less known than other B vitamins, such as B12 or B9, vitamin B6 is nonetheless a so-called "essential" vitamin for the body.
Magnésium et Vitamine B6 : l'association idéale
Magnesium and Vitamin B6: the ideal combination
Magnesium and vitamin B6 are two essential elements for the proper functioning of our body and for good health. But do you know why these two active ingredients are often combined in the same capsu...
Les bienfaits des Oméga 3 et du DHA pour l'immunité
The benefits of Omega 3 and DHA for immunity
Omega 3 have many benefits and more recently, DHA and EPA have been the subject of several studies which have highlighted their impact on the immune system.
LAO : la jeune marque qui redéfinit le cheveu au naturel
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LAO: the young brand redefining natural hair
In this new “favourite” article, we decided to find out a little more about Lao and its founder: Lisa Schino!