Collagene Vegan
Pre-Collagen Vegan
Pre-Collagen Vegan
Pre-Collagen Vegan
Pre-Collagen Vegan
Pre-Collagen Vegan

Pre-Collagen Vegan

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  • Promotes firmness and tone of the skin
  • Rehydrates the skin
  • Prevents joint discomfort
  • Silver medal at the Cosmetiquemag Awards 2022

Collagen is a protein that gives joints, muscles, tendons and skin their strength and elasticity.

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60 capsules
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7 months of vitamin B12 treatment


With age, or even with the practice of sport, the collagen capital decreases. From the age of 30, each year, we lose 1% of our collagen capital.
We have therefore designed a unique and innovative formula for targeted action on the skin and joints.

Our Vegan Collagen , silver medalist at the Cosmetiquemag Awards 2022:

This formula brings together the two star molecules for the skin and joints: the Collagen precursor Collegan® and hyaluronic acid.
The composition is also enriched with plant extracts (Wild Pansy and Burdock) and zinc.

It is therefore a unique and ethical combination to regain lasting healthy skin and joint flexibility.

Easy grip:

Our supplement comes in the form of small capsules that are easy to swallow, without taste or odor. This allows you to integrate your supplement into your daily life with ease.

The + product:

✅A combination of collagen precursor and hyaluronic acid.
✅Certified Vegan, without animal contribution.
✅Double action: Promotes skin tone and joint flexibility.
✅ 1 month of treatment.