ARGALYS : votre partenaire pour la création de compléments alimentaires fabriqués en France.

ARGALYS: your partner for the creation of food supplements made in France.

The development of food supplements under private labels has been our main activity since our creation in 2001.
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Over the last 18 months, Argalys has supported a large number of projects to create ranges of white label/private label food supplements.
Whether start-ups or companies already present in related activities, they all wanted to develop a food supplement offering.

We have handled requests from French and European players, but also international ones (Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Russia, USA, etc.).
This confirms the dynamism of the food supplement market, whose growth has strengthened since the start of the health crisis.
In order to be able to support all project leaders, we have been able to create a personalized service, suitable for everyone.

Our vision of the food supplement market

Let's be honest, in too many cases, food supplements today are close to convenience, which is nonsense, or at least the opposite of what we expect from them as consumers.

Food supplements are consumed to improve health and quality of life and the primary concerns are:

  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • high quality
  • Innovation
    And today also higher ethical and ecological concerns.

Why consume Omega 3 when the krill from which they come weakens populations of penguins and whales because their basic diet is becoming scarce?

Why package them in non-recyclable plastics, which will pollute rivers and oceans?

At Argalys, we reviewed these considerations and came to the conclusion that a significant portion of dietary supplement consumers were looking for more ethical, transparent and higher quality products.

Meeting these new requirements often requires rethinking the entire product range, bringing together: the company's strategy, its commercial policy and the entire supply chain.

The development of our Argalys Essentiels range was an important step and a good “showroom” to put into practice our vision of these modern food supplements:

  • Low carbon footprint
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Ecological
  • Meet the main needs of consumers with a very limited number of formulas.

White Label Expert since 2001

We have built, step by step, a BtoB model that puts specific and personalized solutions within everyone's reach that were previously reserved for large companies, with substantial budgets and dedicated R&D teams.

Our White Label services (also called Distributor Brand or Private Label) consist largely of the design of a range which will present all the qualities expected by consumers and the qualities of Made in France.
Indeed, we are convinced that the first step to success consists of the creation of original formulas, well targeted nutritionally.

And this with a family-sized team: that is to say responsible, dedicated and easy to manage.

This combination will allow you to easily position your range in a significant competitive environment , for the greatest satisfaction of your customers.

french white label food supplement argalys Private Label supplement

The development of white label food supplements has been our main activity since our creation in 2001. We have developed expertise in many areas.

Expertise Vegan diets, weight loss diets, seniors, formulas with natural additives, etc.
Products Dry forms (capsules, tablets, sticks), liquids, bars, etc.
Regulation EU and French for the food supplement.
Carbon footprint As low as possible thanks to a consistent and short supply chain and eco-friendly packaging.
Development Fully personalized: from strategy to supply chain.
Quality labels GMP food, vegan (The Vegetarian Society) etc.
Minimum orders Flexible, but “one lot/one customer”.
Confidentiality According to your needs and your contract.
Made in France For the complete production cycle, not just the final packaging.

Except in exceptional cases, all our production partners are based in France.
It is a way of ensuring a carbon footprint as low as possible, the consistency of regulatory traceability and of asserting our identity.

How to create a range of white label food supplements?

private label white label argalys steps

The method we use is based on several fundamental steps essential to the success of your project.

1. Commercial pre-analysis

Our work always begins with a commercial and financial pre-analysis of the project .
This is a particularly important step in creating a relationship of trust, transparent and lasting.

Indeed, the French and European markets are difficult to access for new entrants.
So, at the risk of being too pessimistic, we prefer to warn overly optimistic candidates:

  • The saturation of the food supplement market and the difficulty of access to the end consumer regardless of the targeted distribution channel
  • Reduced margins in the event of distribution via major e-commerce operators
  • Communication budgets to plan
  • The difficult to predict delay in real market response. You also have to be very patient.

This first step is one of the specificities of our approach to co-construction of your project.
It is part of our responsibility to warn those who might engage lightly in this difficult market, at the risk of losing all their capital.

2. Formula design: the fundamental step

At Argalys we only offer personalized formulations and manufacturing.

We do not have standard formulas or products available from stock. This induces greater production constraints but makes it possible to design real product benefits that standard #meetoo formulas cannot provide.

Both models have their advantages/disadvantages but we have chosen customization and maximum differentiation. We are therefore much more agile in offering you innovative and differentiating formulas.

In addition, apart from very specific technical or regulatory needs, our development work is not invoiced when there is only an intellectual service based on our already acquired know-how.

3. Coherence of the concept: the ideal marketing mix

We want the best quality at the lowest price”
Cost is often an obstacle to the creation of a range and one of the major constraints for project leaders.
Indeed, prices will easily vary depending on certain qualitative variables:

  • Plant extracts vs powder from the same plant
  • AB ingredients vs. standard quality
  • Specific packaging vs. the most common pillboxes etc.

In addition, the constraints specific to the ingredients or packaging items considered must also be included:

  • Compatibility with French and European regulations (except marketing outside the EU!)
  • Availability and costs
  • Specific MOQ.

It is also important to take into account the planned production volumes and the necessary quality and certification standards. Thus, the production of series of 100,000 or 1 million capsules does not have the same impact on fixed costs. In addition, certain certifications and standards inspired by the USA are not always common in Europe and require additional costs.

Consequently, this search for the global optimum is always the subject of discussions with the project leader.
We do what is necessary to offer specific solutions, adapted to everyone's budget.

4. The launch of production

The design phase is completed when:

  • The detailed formula
  • The production unit dedicated to this manufacturing
  • The conditioning
  • The price/volume.

Other optional services can be added to these mandatory steps:

  • Design/Label design
  • The marketing declaration to the DGCCRF (France)
  • Vegan, Ecocert certifications etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the design and production of your innovative food supplements , we will be happy to share our expertise with you.

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