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Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot
Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot
Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot
Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot
Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot

Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot

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  • Bioavailable iron
  • Gastro-resistant capsule
  • 14 mg per capsule
  • Registered in Vidal

The Iron Vegan dietary supplement provides 100% of the recommended intake per day (14mg) with a single capsule! Iron, in the form of Pidolate, ensures high absorption without intestinal discomfort.

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1 box = 60 capsules or €0.32 per day (1 capsule/day)
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Iron + Natural Vitamin C, Vitamin B 9 and Organic Carrot - 60 capsules

New formula !

Iron is an essential mineral for good oxygenation of the blood, as it ensures adequate transport of oxygen to the cells.

Since it is not synthesised by the body, it must be provided by our diet or by appropriate supplements. 95% of the iron in our bodies is then recycled and reused. Despite this, iron deficiency remains a common problem in France, particularly among pregnant or breastfeeding women and growing children.

A formula designed for comfort when taken:

Our formula incorporates a form of Iron that is well absorbed and very well tolerated by the body: Iron Pidolate.

We've combined it with natural absorption boosters like Vitamin C (extracted from organic Acerola) and organic carrot extract.

And to guarantee real comfort when taking it, we use a gastro-resistant capsule to avoid the risk of nausea and acid reflux often associated with taking traditional formulas.

*World Health Organisation

Product benefits :

  • Highly available iron
  • Just 1 capsule a day (14 mg per capsule)
  • No digestive discomfort (gastro-resistant capsule)
  • 2-month course of treatment
  • VIDAL registered