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Iron + Vitamin C, B9 and Carrot

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  • Bioavailable iron
  • Gastro-resistant capsule
  • 14 mg per capsule
  • Registered in Vidal

The Iron Vegan dietary supplement provides 100% of the recommended intake per day (14mg) with a single capsule!

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60 capsules
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7 months of vitamin B12 treatment


Iron + Natural Vitamin C, Vitamin B 9 and Organic Carrot - 60 capsules

New formula !

the WHO* estimates that more than 30% of the world's population suffers from anemia due to a iron deficiency . It is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world, mainly affecting growing children and women (menstruation, pregnancy) .

The new Argalys formula incorporates a form of Iron that is well absorbed and very well tolerated by the body: Iron Pidolate , 100% made in France.
It is always associated with natural absorption boosters (Organic Acerola titrated in Vitamin C , Organic carrot extract, Vitamin B 9).

Its gastro-resistant capsule avoid the risk of nausea when taking, for maximum comfort.

*World Health Organization

The expert's opinion

For ouriron supplement, we have created an effective formula, very natural and without nauseous effects when taken. We therefore chose asoft iron, associated with 3 absorption boosters: vitamin B9, vitamin C and organic carrot, essential to increase the amount of iron that is really useful for the body. We have also improved the formula by replacing iron bisglycinate withiron pidolateproduced in France: double blow for efficiency and our ethics! And to maximize comfort when taking, we usea gastro-protective capsuledesigned not to open in the stomach andthus avoiding the risk of nausea.

The prize received at the 2021 Plant Food Trophiesas well as the positive comments of all the specialists (pharmacists, dieticians) who discover this formula underline the unique character of our Iron supplement with this set of positive points gathered in the same capsule.

Pascal Charpentier – Argalys Director – DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER

Questions answers

Yes, like all supplements in our range, it is certified by The Vegetarian Society. Iron is in the form of iron pidolate and the 'absorption boosters' are mainly 'Bio' (acerola titrated in Vitamin C and carrot extract).

The Iron is packaged in a gastric acid resistant capsule so that it does not break open in the stomach, which is the main cause of nausea reactions. Our Iron supplement is designed for maximum comfort after taking.

No, it is best to take both with two different meals to avoid negative absorption interactions between the two formulas. It is also advisable to avoid tea or coffee at the same time because the tannins of both drinks greatly reduce the absorption of iron by the body.

No if you follow the recommended dose (1 capsule per day).

Iron is well recycled in the body, but certain categories of people have increased needs, in the medium term or more punctually: menstruating women - to compensate for menstrual blood loss, pregnant women, growing young people, athletes who seek to maximize oxygen uptake in the blood. All vegans and vegetarians must be more vigilant given the low average absorption of iron from plants. An annual blood test is a good precaution.

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