Vitamine D3 Végétale Argalys
Vitamin D3 Plant-based
Vitamin D3 Plant-based
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Vitamin D3 Plant-based
Vitamin D3 Plant-based
Vitamin D3 Plant-based

Vitamin D3 Plant-based

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  • High bioavailability
  • Easy use
  • Lichen extract
  • Adults and children

Vitamin D is essential to the body for growth, bone strength and stimulation of the immune system.

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Duration of treatment: 3 to 4 months | Use-by date: 11/24
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7 months of vitamin B12 treatment


Vitamin D is essential to the body for growth, bone strength and stimulation of the immune system.

Vegetable Vitamin D3:

For our formula, we have selected a vegetable vitamin D3 ( cholecalciferol) extracted from Boreal Lichen. And to guarantee optimal absorption, we have combined it with vitamin E and organic rapeseed oil .

Easy to use and high assimilation:

The spray ensures high absorption and better bioavailability thanks to its sublingual application, while offering convenient administration for the whole family, including children, and impeccable hygiene.

For the whole family and in all circumstances:

Vitamin D3 is essential for the body, for young and old alike. The Spray makes administration easy and its dosage (500 IU/Spray) allows the bottle to be adapted to the whole family, without risk of overdose.

And thanks to its small size, you can take it everywhere with you, it is even accepted in airplane cabin baggage (volume less than 100 ml).

The + product :

For the whole family
240 sprays per bottle
Plant origin: Certified Vegan

The expert's opinion

For this formula, we have chosen a spray because it allows easy and precise dosing. Thus, with 500 IU of vitamin D3 per spray, this supplement is suitable for adults and children, from 1 year old. The origin of the Vitamin D3 that we have chosen is obviously vegetable and comes from a renewable resource: boreal lichen. It is therefore an easy-to-carry supplement thanks to the small size of the bottle and a practical and safe vitamin D3 cure for the whole family.

Pascal Charpentier – Argalys DirectorDEVELOPMENT ENGINEER

Questions answers

The majority of Vitamin D3 on the market are of animal origin, but yes, our vitamin D3 is extracted from Boreal Lichen. It is therefore a product that is certified Vegan like all the products in the Argalys Essentiels range. The rapeseed oil used for the support is ORGANIC.

Yes. We have chosen a dosage (500 IU) which allows children from 4 years old to use it. Before 4 years, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor.

We recommend taking 1 spray per day from 4 to 10 years old, then 2 sprays from 10 years old. For children 1-4 years old, tell your doctor before use.

This 30 ml spray allows the taking of approximately 240 sprays.

No, just keep the bottle at room temperature.

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