VEGAFLORE (pre and probiotics)
VEGAFLORE (pre and probiotics)
VEGAFLORE (pre and probiotics)
VEGAFLORE (pre and probiotics)
VEGAFLORE (pre and probiotics)

VEGAFLORE (pre and probiotics)

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  • Pre & Probiotics
  • Gastro-resistant capsules
  • 10 Billion CFU per capsule
  • Vegan certified

For our Vegaflore formula, we have combined 4 bacterial strains and a Prebiotic booster in a gastro-resistant capsule. Result: greater efficiency because the content of the capsule is preserved until it is released into the intestinal environment.

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1 box = up to 60 days treatment, 1 to 3 capsules / day
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Acts on the microbiota


New Vegaflore formula (Vegan Prebiotics and Probiotics) with 10 billion CFUs per capsule, made in France in a 100% recyclable pillbox and without endocrine disruptors.

10 billion CFUs and 4 complementary strains:

Each capsule of our Vegaflore supplement provides you with probiotic bacteria (10 billion CFUs) thanks to a unique combination of 4 bacterial strains from the human microbiota.

A prebiotic booster:

The probiotics in our Vegaflore supplement are combined with a prebiotic booster.

Prebiotics are food substances that enable the selective growth of certain probiotic bacteria.
They are therefore an additional asset in guaranteeing the effectiveness and quality of the probiotics in the Vegaflore supplement.

Made In France gastro-resistant capsule:

As well as providing a prebiotic booster, each capsule is gastro-resistant. We have chosen high-quality capsules made in Alsace.

This means that the contents of the capsule are preserved until they are released into the intestinal environment, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the probiotic action.

In a nutshell:

✅ 10 to 30 billion CFUs per day
✅ Prebiotic & Probiotic intake
✅ Gastro-protective capsule made in France
✅ 100% manufactured in France, with over 90% of the value chain "originating in France".
✅ Vegan