Les bienfaits des Oméga 3 et du DHA pour l'immunité

The benefits of Omega 3 and DHA for immunity

Omega 3 have many benefits and more recently, DHA and EPA have been the subject of several studies which have highlighted their impact on the immune system.

Omega 3 has many known benefits and acts in particular on the nervous system, the brain and vision .
More recently, DHA and EPA have been the subject of several studies which have highlighted their impact on the immune system.

The proven benefits of Omega 3 (DHA and EPA)

It is now fully accepted that Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the development, maintenance and functioning of the retina, the brain and the nervous system , from the first stages of intrauterine life.

In the cardiovascular field , scientific data clearly shows a positive role of Omega 3 for:

  • Regulation and reduction of blood pressure in people with high blood pressure;
  • The reduction in the quantity of triglycerides in the blood, these lipids which, in case of excess, induce the development of heart diseases;
  • A reduction in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in people with pathologies in this area,

In brain function, EPA and DHA, the two most functional forms of Omega 3, play an active role and also intervene during aging.
They probably have a positive effect on the maintenance of mental health (lower prevalence of depression and dementia including Alzheimer's disease), and studies are underway to confirm these properties.

For vision: DHA and EPA are also involved in the prevention of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Indeed, the deficiency of these fatty acids seems to increase the risk of AMD.

In France, ANSES has validated all of these health claims mentioned above.

The new important properties of Omega 3 on immunity

Several recent studies have highlighted the role of Omega 3 on cancer and immunity.

DHA and reduction of cancerous tumors

As we detailed in a previous article , the team led by oncologist Olivier Feron at IREC at the University of Louvain has highlighted the mechanisms of action of DHA which reduce the progression of tumors. cancerous.

This considerable advance in the field of nutrition and health is obviously the subject of new studies, in progress, to confirm and specify the conditions of action of DHA in situations of tumor acidosis and the preventive properties which result from it.

The action of Omega 3 on general immunity

The COVID pandemic has relaunched a number of studies and in-depth studies on the mechanisms of immunity, including those of so-called “general” immunity which concerns all of the body's reactions to resist any type of attack. microbial.

Our immune defenses implement multiple and complex mechanisms which must work in cascade and in harmony to be effective.

The first levels of internal resistance in the body are made up of lymphocyte cells (T when produced by the thymus or B 'bones' by the bone marrow).
Their excitation in response to microbial aggression always results in local inflammation of the directly affected tissues (e.g. the throat in the case of many airborne pathologies). These inflammations maintain the consequences of the pathology.

Recent experimental results all converge towards a positive role of EPA and DHA in reducing inflammatory phenomena resulting from microbial attacks . This is particularly the meaning of the conclusions of the work published in 2020 by professors Dr. Oliver Werz of Friedrich Schiller University and Dr. Charles N. Serhan of Harvard Medical School.

In Sweden, Dr. Saray Gutierrez came to similar conclusions with a positive correlation between satisfactory intakes of EPA and DHA and the reduction of inflammatory reactions.

In England, Professor Philip Calder (University of Medicine of Southampton) took a particular interest in children by studying:

  • Their differences in sensitivity to food allergies,
  • Their skin reactions (eczema),
  • Their resistance to infectious diseases

It concludes that a good diet with regular intakes of EPA and DHA, both in pregnant and breastfeeding women and in young children, significantly reduces the risk of allergies and improves their general resistance to infections.

Food intake of Omega 3 still insufficient despite its demonstrated benefits

A new series of scientific knowledge obtained in different countries by independent teams establishes proven links between regular intakes of EPA and DHA and the proper functioning of the immune system, including in young children and going as far as possible lower sensitivity to allergies.

More precise information is still lacking on the mechanisms of action of Omega 3 in these areas, but these positive observations have generally been obtained with daily doses in accordance with nutritional recommendations, i.e. for an adult, intakes of EPA and DHA of 250 mg. /day .

These benefits are added to the already recognized qualities of Omega 3.

As mentioned above, intakes of basic Omega 3 (ALA) through rich vegetable oils (rapeseed, nuts.) in a proportion of the order of one tablespoon/day (10 gr ) allow the body to synthesize the EPA it needs, but only 10% of the DHA necessary (the coefficient of transformation of ALA into DHA is only 1% while it is 10% for EPA).

Remember that the real daily intakes of French people in Omega 3 are on average only 1/3 of the minimum desirable levels (0.6g / day) which would be necessary to reach at least an acceptable EPA threshold and for DHA which is 10 times less synthesized by the body (transformation coefficient of 1% from basic Omega 3 ALA) the deficit is even more critical.

DHA supplementation is therefore the best way to ensure coverage of these very important specific needs .

Omega-3 DHA in our Argalys supplements

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