LAO : la jeune marque qui redéfinit le cheveu au naturel

LAO: the young brand redefining natural hair

In this new “favourite” article, we decided to find out a little more about Lao and its founder: Lisa Schino!

In this new “favourite” article, we decided to find out a little more about Lao and its founder: Lisa Schino!

How was the LAO project born?

Then a student, Lisa Schino, the 25-year-old founder of the new brand LAO is taking a crazy gamble; revolutionize a key product in our bathroom: shampoo .

It was during her experiences with major players in cosmetics that Lisa was challenged by consumer concern about the compositions of cosmetic products, and the lack of effectiveness of natural alternatives.

Even more, what challenged her was the lack of transparency in the sector. If the made in France is common, the ingredients come mainly from the other side of the world, and the methods of obtaining are still very opaque.

Drawing on her experience in the development of cosmetic products, Lisa decided to give up an opportunity in a large group, to launch an authentic, transparent brand that is resolutely expert in hair.

Why did you create LAO?

While France is the leading country in cosmetics, and more and more brands claim to be Made in France, in reality, the ingredients come almost entirely from the other side of the world, especially from Asia.

And yet, in France, we cultivate and we pick many plants with fascinating and proven properties for the hair and the skin. What to do for cosmetic brands that want to reduce their environmental impact and support the French economy and our small producers!

LAO has also chosen 100% French active ingredients , which will draw the right dose from nature, everything the hair needs to reveal itself. It is Samuel, an herbalist in Occitania, who uses a bill hook, with his wife, to sample the nettle and lemon balm from the two LAO cleansing treatments, before distilling them in an old-fashioned copper still!

The brand's flagship plant, hemp , is grown just ten kilometers from its offices, south of Strasbourg: a hyper proximity that allows real traceability. Guillaume and David extract from hemp seed an oil already recognized for its properties on the hair, and a protein powder, incorporated in the two LAO treatments.

Young, but already credible among the greats, LAO was able to file a patent on the use of this hemp protein, after independent tests had proven its anti-pollution and UVA protective effect for the hair.

That's not all ! Hemp is a virtuous plant for the environment: it grows without water or pesticides, and promotes pollination!

In the field of hair or skin care, many specialized influencers captivate their community with their expertise and advice. Acne, dry skin, hair loss… Consumers are looking to these influencers for answers to their hair problems that brands have not provided.

In the hair sector, expert hair influencers such as @Masterblastercul or the hairdresser specializing in curly hair @lesbouclettesdecéline know how to captivate their subscribers by helping them take care of their hair and by transmitting the right gestures to them.

Since its inception, LAO has answered all of its subscribers' questions and hair issues on TikTok, on its blog and via Instagram.

“LAO's approach is based on a simple and effective ritual: gently washing, sublimating with the right gestures and care, and protecting the hair”

Lisa, founder of LAO

What products do you offer?

LAO Natural nettle shampoos 1

Purifying cleansing treatment with purifying nettle hydrosol and hemp seed proteins, LAO-patented anti-pollution, antioxidant and anti-UVA protector.

The nourishing cleansing care with nourishing hemp seed oil , soothing lemon balm hydrosol and hemp seed proteins, protective patented by LAO anti-pollution, antioxidant and anti-UVA.

LAO Natural hemp shampoos 2

Two boxes focused on hair care complete the routine with practical accessories that are 100% made in France!

Where to find LAO shampoos?

LAO treatments are available at any time on the brand's website or at our partner points of sale throughout France!
Moreover, once the bottles are empty, you can bring them back locally to be recorded.

Thanks to Lisa for answering our questions and don't hesitate to visit her site to find out more.