Compléments alimentaires : quand et pourquoi prendre des compléments alimentaires ?

Food supplements: when and why to take food supplements?

Food supplements meet many basic needs of the human body. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to see clearly...

We are talking more and more about food supplements .
Very popular in France but not only, they are now part of our daily lives and come in many forms and for multiple purposes. So much so that it can be difficult to see clearly and make a choice: it can be difficult to identify the benefits of food supplements .
So when should you take food supplements and what exactly are they for?

Food supplements: listening to your body

We must distinguish two main families of dietary supplements:

  • Nutritional supplements: which will provide vitamins, minerals and other essential trace elements
  • Functional supplements, often plant-based, which will stimulate this or that physiological mechanism

We know that we all need vitamins and other trace elements to boost our body, to be in shape, to benefit from the protection of an efficient immune system, to learn, to work efficiently, to think and even to sleep well.
Vitamins and trace elements which are all found in the common diet but for which we never know if they are consumed in sufficient quantities.

For example, the objective of “5 fruits and vegetables per day” is precisely to help us balance our main nutritional intake. Despite everything, the sometimes frenetic daily life, and the imperatives of life prevent us from always ensuring that we respect these precepts (meals away from home, prepared meals rich in preservatives, etc.) and this inevitably leads to imbalances, which are immediately imperceptible and burdensome in the medium term. term.

Iron, zinc or magnesium deficiencies are, for example, among the most commonly observed.

Which translates concretely into fatigue, a reduction in physical strength or even headaches.
Staying tuned to your body and attentive to your state of form is important to detect the first signs of these relative deficiencies and thus remedy them as quickly as possible to regain all your energy!

Food supplements to fill deficiencies

Food supplements have proven their value and relevance in that they make it possible to fill gaps in a very simple way. Packaged in capsules, or any other form allowing a precise and known dose to be absorbed, they are a practical and easy aid to restore and maintain our balance and well-being.

Because if it is theoretically possible to meet all your needs through a balanced diet, in practice it is often complicated (it should be noted that for vegetarian diets, taking vitamin B12 as a supplement is essential)
THE food supplements , particularly during key moments, such as changing seasons, periods of epidemics or great physical and nervous fatigue, or periods of diet, the effects of aging, sports practice remain very relevant. But you still have to choose them carefully...

Food supplements: how to navigate?

There is no shortage of food supplements . A profusion of solutions which must go hand in hand with maximum caution. We will mainly talk here about nutritional supplements (vitamins, trace elements, etc.).

Quality supplements must provide precise and significant doses of nutritional elements in relation to daily needs (the 'RDA or 'AQR' recommended daily/daily intakes), for explained purposes.
In the case of France, they must be declared to the DGccrf (general directorate for consumption and fraud prevention) which verifies their legal compliance.

To provide targeted and very qualitative responses, our Argalys team has developed several food supplements and micronutrition solutions to cover all nutritional needs for vitamins and trace elements . To take a calcium cure, here combined with vitamin D3 and boron, iron and vitamin C, B9, or even magnesium, we offer you a complete but very compact range of food supplements : the Essentials .

Concerned about providing the best food supplements, our Argalys team has created high-quality products, meeting real needs, whose design is also part of a responsible logic, giving pride of place to local partners.
The products are truly and completely manufactured in France. Our supplements are the result of constant collaboration with expert dietitians and naturopaths for better daily health.

Food supplements are part of and contribute to a balanced diet. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our food supplements and thus effectively target your needs.

Our Argalys team is available to answer your questions.