L’intérêt des compléments alimentaire : un débat utile

The interest of food supplements: a useful debate

60 Millions de consommateurs has just published a special issue about food supplements. We generally agree with the analysis of the study, but a few clarifications should be made.

60 Millions de consommateurs , a journal of the National Consumer Institute, has just published its Special Issue No. 130S (Nov.:Dec. 2019) about food supplements.

We generally agree with the analysis of the study but some clarifications need to be made!

Although the general orientation is very against the very principle of complementary food intake, it must be recognized that the study of this public organization highlights a certain number of interesting questions.

We will not respond here to comments concerning functional and plant-based products, since Argalys has decided not to market them (anymore).

We can logically debate regarding nutritional products. As stated above, the main objective of the '60 Millions' file is to show that we can do 'without' supplements while having a balanced diet. If we exclude the case of vitamin B 12 for vegans: we agree with this point, of course we can have a nutritional balance without supplements !!

We design our formulas to facilitate and ensure vitamin and mineral balance, knowing that few people have a well-balanced diet:

  • Even overconsumption, which is a frequent behavior, is not a guarantee of covering all needs (calcium, DHA, etc.) with the known inconveniences and risks of caloric overload.
  • Conversely, when we adjust caloric intake to actual needs, by reducing consumption, it is easy to be undersupplied for some vitamins and minerals.
    The INC observes: “ it is among omnivores that we see the greatest frequency of inadequacy of nutritional intake. Because vegetarians are more vigilant .

We agree 100% with this observation!

Should you consume food supplements?

Our range of food supplements

The Argalys Essentiels range respects the general warnings in the article.

Regarding Probiotics, the article highlights that “ the bacteria must arrive alive in the intestine….but not all capsules are gastro-resistant ”. Again, we are completely in agreement with these precautions, put into practice in our VEGAFLORE formula .

Another example consistent with the background of this study, our Multivitamin and mineral formula is one of the few on the market not to have Vitamin C because we recommend a fresh fruit source.

Our suggestions to the INC

We would like to suggest some elements to the INC that must be taken into account to allow a more objective analysis of reality:

  • That we should be interested in the real content of microelements in foods according to their origin: it is unlikely that a tomato grown ultra-intensively above ground will have the same selenium content as that of your garden. Just as chicken meat has an infinitesimal content of vitamin B12 and yet we think that all omnivores are immune to a deficiency, we are not so sure. Well-formulated supplements provide effective, easy and economical security.
  • That nutritional needs are always estimated with the reference of a healthy adult, which is indeed the situation requiring the least detailed attention, at least in the short term. But what about:
    • Of all the people who eat “on the go” almost every day.
    • Growing adolescents, whose needs 'per kg of weight' are much higher than those of adults but whose diet is mostly unbalanced
    • Seniors for whom we know that the real absorption capacity of micro-elements gradually decreases.
    • Sportsmen.
    • Of all those who feel better and more dynamic after a treatment.

We would have liked to find in the 60 Million Consumers file this more moderate information and closer to daily food reality.

Argalys supplements are formulated in complete transparency, to be useful.
They are never the only solution (except B12 as mentioned above) to satisfy the finest nutritional needs. They are simply an easy, economical and effective way to achieve this, with proven eco-responsible attention.

We also keep in mind the goal of preparing organisms for a longer, healthier life. This is particularly facilitated by complete coverage of micronutrient needs throughout life. An aspect which is not taken into account by the calculations of official nutritional needs.

In a perfect world, there is probably no need for food supplements, any more than there would be a need for a National Consumer Institute, and yet both are undeniably useful for correcting certain imperfections of the real life.

The Argalys team