Le Zinc : quels sont ses bienfaits nutritionnels ?

Zinc: what are its nutritional benefits?

Zinc has the power to provide you with many benefits. Get to know this trace element...

THE Zinc plays a determining role in the functioning of our body, however it is very little known: for a long time, the importance of zinc in biology seemed secondary. It was only in the 1960s that studies proved its essential nature.

Food zinc: where to find it in its natural state?

Zinc is found in several types of foods:

  • Of animal origin: meat, offal, cheese, seafood for the richest;
  • Of plant origin: unrefined cereal products also contain it, as well as legumes. Among the most generous in zinc , we can for example cite rye bread, pumpkin seeds, unsweetened cocoa powder, pecans.

It should nevertheless be emphasized that the body only absorbs 15 to 40% of this zinc naturally contained in food. It is for this reason in particular that food supplements which contain it are interesting.

Zinc: this trace element with many benefits

If it is therefore possible to consume foods rich in zinc , zinc food supplements constitute a perfect and easy solution to ensure optimal coverage of our body's zinc needs.

Focus on the Benefits of zinc:

First of all, zinc is an important element for the immune system.
Which is always very interesting, even more so in winter, and in the middle of an epidemic.

Our natural defense mechanisms must function as best as possible for the best protection against various microbial attacks and zinc contributes to this.

Zinc is also involved in many biochemical reactions essential to the proper functioning of the body: neurological and reproductive functions, the synthesis of hormones.
It also fights against cell aging through its antioxidant properties.
Without forgetting its function in regulating blood sugar levels and its ability to strengthen the skin, allowing it to heal better.

Zinc as a food supplement: the easy and safe answer

It is not so simple to consume foods rich in zinc in sufficient quantities every day: Food supplements provide an ideal solution. They allow us to secure our intake of this essential mineral in a simple, safe and very practical way.

Argalys Multivitamins and minerals food supplements provides 100% of an adult's daily ZINC needs.

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An extremely complete food supplement which not only allows you to benefit from all the benefits of zinc but also from those of a very large number of essential vitamins and other trace elements (including Magnesium)

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Food supplements contribute to a balanced diet.

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