ÜMAIN : la plateforme de consommation responsable et solidaire

ÜMAIN: the responsible and supportive consumption platform

Interview of the week: we decided to find out a little more about Ümain, a platform that wants to make organic and healthy products more accessible.

In this new “favorite” article, we present to you the ÜMAIN project, a platform which aims to make organic and healthy products more accessible , in particular through the Ü GIVE program which allows you to offer membership to a person or family to limited means each time a classic membership is taken out.

To find out more, we spoke with Mohamed El Idrissi, the founder of the project.

ÜMAIN the birth of the project

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating Ümain?

Before being the founder of ÜMAIN, I was and still am, a consumer like so many others.

The idea for the concept behind ÜMAIN came to me after great personal frustrations.
It was when I learned that I was going to become the father of twins that my wife and I began our own food and ecological transition by increasing our organic share in our consumption and trying to find good ecological alternatives.

I have a doctorate in nanochemistry, reading labels is not my biggest difficulty but it must be said it is an incredible waste of time!
As a consumer we should not have to read labels or scan products. We are used to this today but it is absurd that we are still offered products that poison us.

Then there is real opacity on the ecological impact of products , there is the Nutri-score which provides information on the nutritional impact (which is not perfect it must be said) but nothing yet on the environmental impact.

And of course, the financial side. Organic products are still far too expensive today (2 to 3 times more expensive than conventional products) for us to see organic quickly becoming the norm and not an alternative.

It is on these 3 major issues that I left a position as a lab researcher in Switzerland and launched ÜMAIN.

ÜMAIN is the new responsible consumption platform made for everyone. 100% healthy, organic and natural products at low prices.

You simply need to join the platform to benefit from it.

How does the Ümain platform work?

How does Ümain work?

To access the products in our catalog and benefit from advantageous prices of up to -50%, you will need to join the platform . You have the choice between an annual subscription and a monthly subscription without commitment.

There is no platform like ÜMAIN , it will be the only one to offer such a committed catalog and at such a price. Although it may seem like other platforms at first glance, this is not the case at all.

Our differences:

  • Our transparency: We display all known composition and provenance information on the products. Our partnership with Siga allows the consumer to know the processing rate of the products and therefore the quality of the products. A first on a site that only does e-commerce.
  • Environment: We are currently developing our Ü CARE functionality which allows consumers to know and track the carbon footprint of their food purchases over the months. A world first.
  • Our ambition: ÜMAIN is not intended to be yet another e-commerce site.
    Our ambition focuses on health and ecological objectives.
    The consumer should not have to make the effort alone, we engage with them and we also do our part. Everything we do and think to federate, unite and bring together. As proof , our Ü GIVE program allows us to offer a membership to a family or household in need for each membership taken on our platform . This is a way for us to reduce inequalities in access to responsible consumption and organic products.

What are you going to propose? (how do you choose future products)

We offer organic food products, excluding fresh produce, organic and natural cosmetic products with clean compositions , cleaning products that really respect the planet, baby products and health products like those from Argalys Essentiels.

Our selection consists of different stages:

  1. First of all, we look for products with compositions that are healthy for the consumer.
  2. We contact the companies to learn more about their approach and their products.
  3. Then we focus on ensuring that the product has the most neutral impact on the environment, we favor local products when it makes sense.
  4. We also look at the actions and commitments of the company which teaches us a lot about it. We are currently in the process of establishing a partnership with a start-up to display the company's CSR commitments on our site.

For who ?

ÜMAIN is aimed at anyone who wants to consume or already consumes organic and natural products but who does not necessarily want to pay the high price for them.

ÜMAIN is aimed at those who want to reduce their carbon footprint but who do not want to sacrifice the pleasure and practical side of their daily life . For this reason we make shopping easier for them to enjoy taking care of themselves and the planet.

The launch of the Ümain platform

Where is the project?

The official opening of the platform is planned for April 2021 but you can already pre-order your membership to the platform at a special price for a limited time on Ulule .

How could a reader help you?

The only way to help us is to join the movement, talk about it around you, and make your purchases on the platform . The more of us there are, the greater our impact will be.

You can also follow us on social networks where we give lots of advice and tips for a responsible life without the hassle.

And There you go !

Thanks to Mohamed El Idrissi for answering our questions and allowing us to learn more about Ümain.