Vegan Essentiels devient Argalys Essentiels !

Vegan Essentials becomes Argalys Essentials!

Vegan Essentials becomes Argalys Essentials! Same team, same philosophy and same products, only the name changes!

Nothing changes, except the name!

You have undoubtedly noticed that in recent days Argalys Essentiels has replaced Vegan Essentiels.

Where does the name “Argalys Essentiels” come from?

In 2018, we launched Vegan Essentials.

The objective?

Offer a range of food supplements adapted to the new expectations of the most demanding consumers and respectful of the environment.
Since then, our range has expanded and now includes 6 products!

Every day, more and more of you appreciate their relevance, their qualities and trust us.

We want to continue this adventure with you and position ourselves as the benchmark brand for food supplements of tomorrow !
This name change will support our development in France but also abroad!

Argalys Essentiels summarizes our ambition and this approach for everyone around two aspects of our identity:

  • Expertise in the field of manufacturing food supplements and innovative nutrition solutions: Argalys.
  • A limited number of formulas: Just the essentials .
    We want to offer you products that really contribute to a better nutritional balance.

If the brand changes, our products remain the same and become even more natural.

  • Our new formulas do not contain stearate and are always eco-responsible (compostable pillbox and the search for the lowest carbon footprint)!
  • Always 100% manufactured in France!
  • For all consumers with Vegan certification by The Vegetarian Society!

We hope that even more of you will follow Argalys Essentiels and we thank you for your support!

Don’t hesitate to share your opinions and experience!

Lots of good news is coming: our products will soon be available in stores throughout France and Belgium but also in the USA!

The adventure goes on !

The Argalys team