Nutritionnistes, diététiciens, naturopathes : consultez les !

Nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths: consult them!

Get into the habit of consulting a nutrition consultant who will help you, guide you and possibly follow you regularly in more important phases (slimming diet, post-trauma recovery, sports program, etc.).

Proteins, calories, amino acids, vitamins, fibers, slow sugars, probiotics etc... All this does not necessarily speak for everyone.

Of course everyone eats every day without recourse to external help, but when we look at reality closely, we see that many people do not have a very balanced diet, nor very consistent with their lifestyle. .

In practice, it is not so easy to do it alone: ​​meals away from home, young children who are reluctant to eat vegetables, lack of time, are all constraints which make monitoring a little more complicated. healthy, varied food that is a source of pleasure.

Our advice: call a professional!

If you want to improve your diet or if you are looking for specific advice , take the time to consult a nutrition advisor who will help you, guide you and possibly follow you regularly in more important phases ( slimming diet, post-trauma recovery, program sportsman, etc.).

Do not hesitate to get help from a professional with your diet: you will always be a winner:

  • In terms of health and well-being
  • On the economic plan

However, how can we distinguish between different specialties among nutrition professionals?

It is sometimes difficult to determine who will be most competent to accompany us.
We invite you to decipher each person’s specialties.

Nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths: different skills depending on your needs.

The nutritionist doctor

He is a qualified specialist doctor.

It intervenes primarily to adapt the diet to pathological situations (obesity, medical treatments, etc.) but also to prevent or correct imbalances (during the growth of children, seniors, etc.). He can obviously prescribe medication and his fees are refundable according to the usual terms.

The Dietitian

Obtained a specialized BTS or DUT type diploma, he is a professional in the paramedical sector.

He is able to design a food program consistent with your nutritional needs , to balance your menus and to propose a program over several months for a specific objective (sports season, weight loss, growth) and according to your ethics (in particular for vegetarians and vegans).


Propose a holistic approach , that is to say aimed at rebalancing all of a person's vital elements.

Food and nutrition obviously play a big role but all other aspects of physiological and mental hygiene will also be taken into account (stress, breathing, attitude, etc.). The approach of a naturopath requires careful listening to develop a very personal program. There is no state Naturopath diploma, but a certain number of organizations provide serious training in this area.

Find a practitioner near you !

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