La gamme Argalys Essentiels

The Argalys Essentials range

For 17 years Argalys has been designing targeted food supplements on behalf of international distributors.

It is with an innovative and practical spirit that we have developed the Argalys Essentiels range to simplify and secure coverage of the needs of all consumers.

We designed our Argalys Essentiels range around 6 values

Do Less to Do Better:

With Argalys Essentiels, we want to offer formulas with understandable usefulness and a controlled budget.

We do not believe in the interest of a large segmentation of nutritional contributions (Senior, sports formulas etc.) and in the multiplication of food supplements without demonstrated effectiveness.

We all have a broad common base of nutritional needs and overdoses are unnecessary when the daily balance is respected.

We therefore favor formulas for everyone, even though we recognize a few specificities in limited number.
For example :

  • Vitamin B12, iodine, DHA/omega 3 for predominantly or exclusively plant-based diets.
  • Iron for which supplementation mainly concerns mature women and athletes.
  • Basic treatments which modify the body's reaction to certain nutrients (e.g. diabetic treatment with metformin and vitamin B12, etc.)

Being in tune with our history:
We are an independent family business, eager to do our job well: nutrition before marketing. The choice of a formula is decided based on its nutritional relevance and its contribution to better health.

100% certified Vegan:
As a matter of principle, we guarantee the absence of any form of animal contribution to our products. We choose ingredients from Organic Farming when possible, without harming the effectiveness of the formulas.

A carbon footprint as low as possible:
This is in line with our desire for French manufacturing with supplies as local as possible.

Packaging designed and manufactured in France:
Our pill box is made from cardboard and plant-based (corn) plastic, considered to be the most eco-responsible packaging available.

Effective products and transparent formulas:
We hide nothing from you from the formulation to the production of our supplements. This requires clear factual communication, a very educational website and a team available to answer all your questions!

We have also designed this range for vegan and vegetarian consumers.

We started from a triple observation:

  • It is possible to have a strictly balanced vegan diet*, but this requires special attention and some nutritional skills (*for very young children (before 5 years old) it remains difficult to ignore dairy products without monitoring precise by a nutritionist).
  • Vegan consumers have significantly fewer diet-related problems than the average population because they are virtually free of all disorders related to overeating.

    Conversely, vegans tend to have small appetites and a proportion which can be estimated at 30% of them* are even at temporary or more lasting risk of undernutrition with respect to certain fundamental nutrients (amino acids, calcium , iron etc.). This risk is obviously very accentuated with consumers with increased nutritional needs (young people growing up, pregnant or post-menstruating women, seniors, even athletes). The risk is all the greater as the effects of sub-deficiencies are only really noticeable in the medium and long term.
    *estimate made by cross-checking the rare existing studies on the subject, notably The Oxford Vegetarian Study (University of Oxford and associates) which followed the diet of 6,000 vegetarians (and the same proportion of non-vegetarians) for 4 years and the investigation by the Free University of Brussels.

  • The recognition of some nutritional weaknesses to be corrected is not an argument against veganism, on the contrary, it is the means of being able to live in accordance with one's convictions while ensuring the good health and vitality of the whole family at all. age (*except for the reservations made above for young children).

    Digestibility (i.e. the part of the nutrients ingested which is actually absorbed/used by the body) is particularly an aspect that is little or poorly evaluated. This performance, which also varies from one individual to another, in particular depending on the intestinal flora, is for example very low when it comes to iron of non-blood origin (non-heme according to the medical term): less than 10 % of the quantity ingested is absorbed by the body.

The Argalys Essentials range Argalys also provides a simple and effective solution to these three points with a short and transparent range!