MY-ME, la Kombucha nouvelle génération

MY-ME, the new generation Kombucha

For this new “favorite” article, we went to meet Grégoire, a young entrepreneur behind MY-ME Kombucha, a healthy and responsible drink.

For this new “favorite” article, we went to meet Grégoire, the young entrepreneur behind MY-ME Kombucha, a healthy and responsible drink.

We asked him to tell us more about his project and his ambitions!

What is MY-ME Kombucha?

MY-ME Kombucha is the response to the need of the new consumer: to consume a pleasant and responsible drink: a healthy alternative to traditional sodas. By proposing a brand name and packaging that surf on the codes of soda, I would like to make MY-ME Kombucha the first organic soda for everyday French people!

Kombucha is a drink that combines tradition with modernity and pleasure with health. It is a drink made from fermented tea originating from Asia , known for millennia for its detoxifying and stimulating properties.

Where did the idea for this project come from?

The adventure began in Hauts-de-France when I suggested using the family kombucha recipe to market it.

A fervent fan of this age-old drink that my Russian family produced, I want to make MY-ME kombucha accessible with a 100% organic drink, slightly sparkling, with a subtle taste, 50% less sweet than traditional sodas and produced in France.

For the launch of MY-ME kombucha, the first contemporary kombucha, there are 2 flavors: ginger lime and raspberry hibiscus.​

There was over a year of research and development to find the best ingredients for the kombuchas and have the perfect balance for the flavors.

Why a millennial soda?

The goal of MY-ME Kombucha is to offer a healthy and responsible alternative to sodas.

It is with the aim of offering a fun, urban drink committed to respecting the environment that I want to make MY-ME Kombucha the everyday soda .

With MY-ME kombucha, the team gave this millennial drink a contemporary look: a dynamic and positive brand name; a metal-colored label associated with hand-drawn fruits, all on a recyclable glass bottle to ensure a drink focused on the future.

Today, the ambition of MY-ME kombucha is great: to shake up the soda sector, by offering new contemporary consumption codes.

With MY-ME, the Soda Revolution is underway!

Who is MY-ME kombucha for?

MY-ME Kombucha is for everyone and can be consumed anytime!

My goal with MY-ME is to address the widest possible audience. Whether you already love kombucha or have never heard of it, I would like this drink to accompany you every day and become a true ally of your days.

When you wake up to start the day off right, at mealtime to avoid the slight slump caused by digestion or even at aperitif time: in cocktails or simply to avoid alcohol, MY-ME wants to be your companion of your busy days.

Where is the project?

Since its launch in February 2021, MY-ME kombucha has started to cover France: Amiens, Lille, Marseille, Paris, Rennes, Saint-Quentin, Strasbourg, Toulouse…

The next steps are marketing in Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Ajaccio... and in July the release of the 3rd perfume "Passion Fruit" which will complete the existing range: Ginger Lime and Raspberry Hibiscus.

This development in points of sale is coupled with a strong online presence on various B2B and B2C Marketplaces.
Today, I'm really happy with the launch. There is great interest in both the brand and the drink!

Thanks to Grégoire for introducing us to his project and answering our questions.
To find out more, head over to their website or their Instagram page!

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