FAIR’S FIT : l'épicerie de l'ouest dédiée à la nutrition des sportifs

FAIR'S FIT: the western grocery store dedicated to sports nutrition

Interview of the week: we decided to find out a little more about Fair's Fit, a Rennes start-up dedicated to athletes and foodies!
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In this new “favorite” article, we decided to find out a little more about Fair's Fit, a Rennes start-up dedicated to athletes and foodies!

Fair's Fit is the project of two sports enthusiasts: Alex and Delphine!

With respectively a diploma in sports dietetics and a background in management school, these two entrepreneurs launched Fair's Fit to provide athletes and foodies with 100% French and transparent products! Alex agreed to tell us more about this innovative startup!


How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a grocery store dedicated to athletes and healthy eating?

I had just left my job as a telecoms business engineer in a large company in Rennes.

I wanted to do something that I enjoyed and for a long time I wanted to be an entrepreneur.
But parents being farmers in Finistère I have always seen them work, help each other, get by, innovate and create.
I am very sporty (handball gymnastics in pre-national table tennis as well and for several years fitness center and Trail races).

“The first grocery store dedicated to 100% French athletes with organic Vegan or gluten-free products”

I'm also a big foodie but I like performance and physical results. By spending time around gyms and trail runners, I realized that nutrition had an important place but that unfortunately, many people did not know the values ​​(good or bad) of the products they were ingesting and that they were buying on the internet without really knowing...

So I said to myself that there was something to do, and the idea of ​​a grocery store dedicated to 100% French athletes was born.

With farmer parents as I told you, it is close to my heart to support and highlight local players in sports nutrition. So I trained in sports dietetics last year, and set up the first grocery store dedicated to 100% French athletes with organic Vegan or gluten-free products with my partner Delphine (who also convinced me that nutrition is the key to the performance of well-being and health).

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How does your start-up work?

The grocery store dedicated to athletes is a nomadic grocery store (in the Great West) and also an online store (so that everyone can benefit from it!) It comes in three forms:

  • In person during sporting events such as Trail running, marathons, bike races, swimming, open water swimming, duathlons, or triathlons... You will have understood this at any sporting event!
  • Then FAIR'S FIT travels to the sports club rooms to give advice and again to offer quality products, sports nutrition made by small French manufacturers.
  • Finally, you can also find our organic and vegan grocery store online as well as on social networks, a good way to communicate and once again highlight our local players.

What do you offer in your grocery store?

First of all, lots of healthy treats!

We clearly claim the term Grocery Store, that is to say a place dedicated to general food with 'extras' which make us specific:

We obviously offer the Argalys Essentiels range of vegan food supplements which perfectly corresponds to our philosophy of effectiveness and eco-responsibility as well as other very 'sport' oriented food supplements (BCAA - Arthropure, Collagen Peptide, Whey - Maltodextrin ...) ex: Nutripure for exercise.
For snacking: energy bars and gluten-free raw vegan organic granolea with Brennos, Biskili muesli.

You can also find a whole range of honey-based gel with Meltonic, another range (flour - seed - oil, protein...) based on hemp with L'Chanvre.

When and where did you start Fair’s Fit?

The activity started on March 1, 2020 on a trail in Morlaix then on another Trail in Guimiliau and then unfortunately confinement arrived...

Several Trails and cycling events have therefore had to be canceled or postponed but it is all only a matter of time :)

2 - Fair's fit and sport

What type of athlete can your product selection suit?

Our offer is suitable for all athletes, of all levels, from beginners and occasional practitioners to professionals.

Sporting effort subjects the body to the same qualitative nutritional needs (it is especially the quantitative which changes with the duration and intensity of the effort) and everyone tries to perform at their own level: two reasons which mean that the FAIRS' Fit ​​selection is relevant for everyone.

Our grocery store is aimed at all consumers! »

Do you have to be sporty to come to Fair's Fit?

Yes ! But our grocery store is also aimed at all consumers!

Healthy food lovers, consumers who would like to take care of their health or obtain advice can also come to fair's Fit !

Everyone will find solutions to eat better, especially those with small appetites! Those who have to make do with a midday snack will find options perfectly suited to their lifestyle and ethics!

3 - Fair's Fit and diet

Who are your sports nutrition partners currently?

Today we can find the Biskilli company which comes from Carantec in 29 in Finistère.
Then we can mention Argalys , a wonderful family business.
Meltonics with these gels and energy bars located in Anjou. Brennos the story of GOUTU and POINTU two friends who are in the French Basque Country.
L'Hempre with its range which hemps everything, located in the Côtes d'Armor (another Breton), APIRUN, is a couple of beekeepers who make 100% Honey sticks and that's it, here again they are Bretons.
And finally Nutripure with the Carrio brothers located in the south of France.

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What do you think about supplementation or supplementation?

The value of food has unfortunately changed in recent years.

Numerous studies show a reduction in the content of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) in fruits and vegetables, measured over several decades!
And this is mainly linked to the intensity of their production.

Even if organic production corrects these effects, it only represents 5% of production. We can also notice that the additives present in all prepared foods have a negative effect on the intestinal flora, so important for physiological balance. On the individual side, stress, whether wanted (sporting effort for example) or suffered (no need to list the multiple causes) has a strong impact on our physiologies: it can cause a metabolic and hormonal imbalance.

This is why it seems right to me to be interested in what we have on our plate and then to supplement or supplement according to physical or health needs.

Finally Delphine and I will tell you that nutrition is the key to physical performance and health, supplementation or supplementation will be necessary depending on the need.

And There you go !

Thanks to Alex and Delphine for answering our questions and allowing us to learn more about Fair's Fit.

Visit the Fair's Fit website to find out more and on Instagram to discover daily exercises and good humor!

The Argalys team