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ARGALYS: your Private Label partner for high Ethical added Value Food Supplements, made in France.


Why choose Argalys for private Label Supplements?


Our vision


Let’s be sincere: in too many case food supplements today are near to be commodities, which is a non-sense, or at least the contrary of what we are expecting from them as consumers.

Food supplements are taken to enhance the health and quality of life and the first concerns are Safety, High Quality, Innovation and today also higher ethical and ecological concerns.

  • Why to consume Omega 3 when the krill they are made from is putting the populations of penguins and whales under stress because their basic feeding is becoming scarce?
  • Why to pack them in non-recyclable plastics, which will pollute rivers and oceans?

Everyone knows today that we can’t continue like we did for years to ignore the impact of our lifestyle on our planet and its other living creatures. But industries –not our specifically- are always more conservatives than the people, but the people make the trends.

At Argalys, we went through those considerations and came to the conclusion that a significant part of the food supplements customers was already looking for this higher ethical, higher quality products. Meeting this new demands suppose often to re-engineer the whole range of product, getting together: the company’s strategy, its commercial policy and the whole supply chain. Easier to say than to do.

The Development of our Vegan Essentiels range has been an important step and a good ‘show room’ to put in practice our vision of these modern food supplements:

  • Low carbon foot print
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Ecologic
  • Answering the main needs of the Vegan consumers with a very limited number of formulas.

Our private label solution


Our services BtoB largely consist in the conception of a range that will features similar ethical values, and Made in France: a combination which will enable you to set your range at a fair upper end of the market for the highest satisfaction of your customers.
We can go as upstream as necessary to analyze with you those new market trends and the best way to answer them, as well as deep as necessary to identify new ingredients or technologies. And this with a family size team: meaning responsible, dedicated, and easy to deal with.

Private Label supplement


Our expertise


The development of Food Supplements under Private Labels has been our main activity since our creation in 2001.

Our main features


Vegan diets, slimming diets, seniors, formulas with natural additives etc.


Dry forms (capsules, tablets, stick), liquids, bars etc.


UE & French for food supplement.

Carbon footprint

As low as could be through a coherent and short supply chain and ecologic packaging.


Fully customized: from strategy to supply chain.

Quality labels

GMP food, vegan (The Vegetarian Society) etc.

Minimum orders

Flexible, but “one batch/one customer”


According to your requirement & contract.

Made in France

For the full cycle of production, not only the final packaging.


Development of a Line of Private Label Supplements Products

A 3-step process


private label supplements 3 steps

Do not hesitate to contact us for the conception and production of your innovative food supplements, we’ll be glad to share our expertise…and more.

to contact us, simply fill out this form.

To discover our Vegan Essentiels range and our innovative solutions, click here.


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