Vitamin C Spray
Vitamin C Spray
Vitamin C Spray
Vitamin C Spray
Vitamin C Spray

Vitamin C Spray

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  • Optimal
  • adjustable intake
  • 2 sprays = 1 lemon🍋
  • Sublingual absorption
  • Up to 2-month course of treatment

Boost your vitality with our vitamin C spray! Simplified administration thanks to its unique spray format and rapid sublingual assimilation for greater effectiveness.

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Modular dose: up to a 2-month course of treatment ✅
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Our vitamin C spray revolutionises the daily intake of this precious nutrient!
Designed to meet daily needs, this innovative format offers high assimilation and real comfort when you take it!

A unique format:

The mouth spray is a simple, practical way to make vitamin C part of your daily routine, at home, on the move, and to administer it to your loved ones too, with no need for water or additional preparation.

High absorption:

The sublingual route guarantees direct and rapid absorption for increased efficacy. This has been scientifically verified.

Small doses: optimal assimilation without kidney strain.

High doses of vitamin C (over 100 mg) are progressively less well absorbed due to saturation of the absorption mechanisms. A large proportion is excreted in the urine (up to around 85% for 1 g doses), without being assimilated by the body, but generating extra work for the kidneys.

The spray ensures uniform distribution and real assimilation of the dose by the body without saturating the absorption mechanisms. This ensures precise dosing with each use, without loss or kidney fatigue.

A small, easy-to-carry spray:

Its compact size makes it ideal for everyday use. Slip it into your bag or pocket and have your daily dose to hand, wherever you are.

The spray also makes it easy to distribute to all your friends and family, while complying with hygiene rules!

Product benefits :

  • High assimilation
  • Better distribution when taken
  • Up to 2-month course of treatment (with 3 sprays/day)
  • 100% made in France
  • Vegan certified