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Magnesium + Potassium + B6

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  • High content and high absorption
  • Magnesium Bisglycinate and Marine
  • Without digestive disorders
  • Reduces stress and nervous fatigue

Our formula is ideal for increasing muscle tone and decreasing nervous fatigue and better regulating cellular water retention.

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7 months of vitamin B12 treatment


✔ High content and high absorption
✔ Magnesium Bisglycinate and Marine
✔ Without digestive disorders
✔ Decreases stress and nervous fatigue

Magnesium is an essential element for our health. He intervenes in more than three hundred metabolic reactions.

To allow better efficiency and a broader spectrum of action, we have associated it with vitamin B6 and potassium .

Our formula is ideal for increasing the Muscle tone And reduce nervous fatigue and better regulate the cellular water retention .

The expert's opinion

For this formula, Magnesium is provided in two forms:marine magnesium and magnesium bisglycinate, for better intestinal tolerance and better absorption. We have also combined magnesium withvitamin B6to boost its effectiveness.

We have also improved the classic approach of Magnesium supplements by adding Potassium, very useful forbalance cellular water retention, counterbalance the possible excess of dietary salt and extend the benefits of the formula to more daily comfort, especially for women.

In the end: it isa unique formula to regain lightness, tone and dynamism.

Pascal Charpentier – Argalys Director – DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER

Questions answers

This is always a tricky question! Side symptoms: fatigue, cramps and tingling, increased sensitivity to stress, hypertension or even dizziness are warning signs of a possible lack of magnesium... Which is quite common because the daily needs are high (300 to 400 mg for adults ). A low consumption of nuts or vegetables, or cooking with water, or ultra-processed foods are risk factors for a lack of magnesium. And yes, chocolate can't make up for everything!

The 60 capsules of our Magnesium supplement allow a two-month cure in a maintenance regime (one capsule/day). The dosage nevertheless allows long-term intake if the basic diet remains deficient. It is also possible to take 2 capsules/day for a booster effect for about ten days (100% of the AQR with 2 capsules).

Potassium requirements are very high (3500 mg/day) for cardiac regulation, the nervous and muscular system, ossification, blood sugar regulation and to counterbalance the effects of sodium on cellular water retention. It therefore seemed useful to us to add a 'plus' of Potassium to optimize all of these functions. The combination of the two is very innovative, and even more so with the addition of vitamin B 6!

Vitamin B6 complements the anti-fatigue, anti-stress action of magnesium. With a view to perceptible efficacy on these two targets, the combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 is very relevant.

In the vast majority of cases: no! It is formulated to minimize this risk with a reasonable dosage of Magnesium and contributions divided between two different salts (marine oxide and bisglycinate).

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