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Calcium + Vitamin D3 and Boron

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We have developed a formula rich in Calcium, reinforced with Vitamin D3 essential for the absorption of Calcium and an adjusted dose of vitamin K2 which has a positive impact on its fixation.

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60 capsules
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Calcium + Vitamin D3 and K2 - 60 capsules

Whether in times of growth or pregnancy, maintaining strong bones requires sufficient intake of calcium .

We have developed a formula rich in Calcium , enhanced by Vitamin D3 essential to the Calcium absorption and an adjusted dose of vitamin K2 which has a positive impact on its fixation.

The expert's opinion

For this formula, we have chosen thecalcium carbonate for more comfort. This form is well absorbed at the dose used and useful for regulating gastric acidity during a meal.

Calcium is veryuseful for bonesbut also for themuscle contraction, which is why we designed a formula that would beuseful for growing youth, seniors and athletes. We have associated Calcium withvitamin Dbecause it stimulates the active digestive absorption of calcium. Vitamin K2 intake also comesimprove absorption.

Pascal Charpentier – Argalys Director – DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER

Questions answers

The objective of the formula is to maximize bone fixation of calcium. Like vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 improves the fixation of Calcium. This is a recent improvement to this formula to make it even more effective.

Yes, there is no particular antagonism between these formulas which are compatible with each other.

All the D3 vitamins in our Argalys formulas (Multivitamins, Vitamin D3 Spray, Calcium) come from Boreal Lichen extracts from sustainable production.

Yes, certified by the Vegetarian Society, like all products in the Argalys Essentiels range (except 'Melatonin' which is Vegetarian)

It is impossible to answer this question without knowing your age, sex and diet. If you are a growing young person or a senior, a pregnant woman, a long-term athlete, or simply a person with low food intake, very regular supplementation makes sense. Our Calcium supplement is in any case designed to allow long-term daily intake without risk.

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