L'interview de La Fée Biscotte, maman, blogueuse et entrepreneuse

Interview with La Fée Biscotte, mother, blogger and entrepreneur

Discover the interview of La Fée Biscotte, mother, blogger and entrepreneur.
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Everything you need to know about La Fée Biscotte

Some time ago we asked La Fée Biscotte for an interview. We wanted to know more about this everyday super mom.

Blogger, entrepreneur, mother, who is really behind this good mood and this energy?

Would you like to introduce yourself and your professional background?

I am Aurore, a hyperactive mother of two children. 3 years ago I launched a lifestyle blog under the nickname La Fée Biscotte to share recipes, tips and favorites. Since then I have evolved, and I became vegetarian a year ago, in search of healthier, more thoughtful consumption. It's not always easy so I'm even more willing to share to help my readers and discuss these points with them. Alongside my blog and my family life, I developed a passion for Web marketing. So two years ago, I took a real professional turn by becoming self-employed to make a living from my passion. Here I am now at the head of a small Web marketing agency specializing in Community Management and web writing. I feel much more fulfilled in this area, and I can easily reconcile my activity and my family life. I am a true #mumpreneur.

On which network did you start communicating and why?

Initially I started on Facebook because I used it personally, I then went on Twitter to do like everyone else without getting too attached to this network. Then I ended up arriving on Instagram which was my favorite network . Even today I am very active there.

Why did you create a blog and could you present it in a few words?

I started my blog almost 4 years ago when I realized that it was difficult to find allergen-free recipes for my son who has several food allergies. I wanted to share recipes, advice, mood posts around this. But the blog quickly took another turn and I found myself writing articles on fashion, beauty, recipes for the family... Today the blog resembles me more and more and it continues to evolve.

You highlight your vegetarian mode of consumption, why did you decide to consume differently?

It clicked for me a little over 2 years ago . I started changing my diet to eat healthier. I started reading more books on the subject, watching YouTube videos, and learning about vegetarianism. I started by looking for recipes, doing vegetarian weeks... And one day while watching a game show with cooks I understood that that's it, I had to be vegetarian. From then on I no longer consumed meat, fish or shellfish. I think that we cannot have the right of life or death over a person as we do over an animal. There are so many other things to eat to eat well. On top of that when we look at it from an ecological point of view, the vegetarian diet is much more interesting and logical to follow. I don't regret my choice, on the contrary I accept it and I'm proud of it.

How do you choose the topics for your articles?

Banana Bread

Our favorite: the banana bread recipe!

I choose them by inspiration and my convictions. For recipes I like to regularly test new ones which I always share on my blog, if they are successful. Afterwards I see based on our daily life, our discoveries…

How do you organize yourself? Isn't that too hard to handle with kids?

Ooh then no! You have no idea how organized I am. I am a very early riser and much more efficient at work between 4 and 8 a.m. So I get up early and make as much progress as possible on the blog, my agency... And then I can enjoy the children before school, and then work the rest of the day. And on weekends we all enjoy being together!

What is your favorite social network and why?

Without any hesitation it's Instagram. I love the visual side of the network and the ease of exchange. I find people more open, and more friendly and caring on Instagram than on other networks.

To manage the blog and social networks, do you call on an outside person?

No, it's my baby, I wouldn't be able to delegate it to anyone. I want him to look like me and therefore I have to manage him alone.

What are your future plans?

For the blog part my goal is to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram , because I'm suspicious of the swipe up function of the stories? Otherwise regarding the blog no big changes in sight. I devote a lot of time to developing my professional activity through the agency, which I hope to see evolve rapidly in the coming years.

You are the dream of many mothers who would also like to start a business. Do you have any advice to give them?

Never believe it's impossible! we just need to provide the means. I think it's all a question of motivation and self-investment. Even if it may seem difficult at first, we don't give up, we ask ourselves the right questions and we start again.

And finally, what can we wish you for the future?

More great years at La Fée Biscotte , and success for my new baby, the Webmarketing agency!

A big thank you to Aurore for playing along and taking the time to answer our questions honestly!

If you don't know her yet, quickly discover her recipes on her Blog and on her Instagram account !

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