Paola Borde, le chic des sacs vegan Made in France

Paola Borde, the chic of vegan bags Made in France

Discover the Paola Borde bags, vegan, ethical and Made in France bags! Our favorite of the month!
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Our favorite of the month of September: Vegan Bags by Paola Borde

If we're telling you about this family brand, it's because we were seduced by their philosophy!
Read this article and go visit the Paola Borde website!

Who is behind Paola Borde?

This brand was created at the beginning of the year by Paola and Constantin, a married couple who left Paris to settle in a small village in the Côte d'Or.

Their workshop is simple, but their passion for craftsmanship is immense. In fact, these leather workers do not hesitate to source locally, such as the pieces of wood which are made by an art cabinetmaker from the village.

slider vegan business wooden bag paola borde “André” vegan bag - Paola Borde

paola borde slider vegan wooden satchel Vegan Bag "Tools" - Paola Borde

What are the values ​​of the vegan brand Paola Borde?

Paola Borde is a French brand offering an alternative to people who no longer want to wear leather, or who simply want to buy in a more eco-responsible way.
The main value of its vegan bags is that they are made in the pure and true tradition of Leather Goods. No cheating at the expense of quality, there are no machines in this family business. All products are handmade.
Did you know ? The saddle stitch in leatherwork is the strongest stitch and is impossible to do by machine ! And all the objects of this brand are sewn with saddle stitch. It takes Paola and Constantin almost a week to make a model : it's impressive!
Its artisans use 100% plant-based materials such as cork, straw or wood. Made from nature is a commitment just as important as producing without animal suffering for them.

paola borde pink vegan bag

paola borde pink vegan bag Vegan Bag "Natty S" - Paola Borde

What should we remember about Paola Borde's vegan bags?

  • It’s a brand with a label!

the brand's products are certified 100% Vegan and are approved by Peta.
  • It's a French brand!

The products are made in a Côte d'or workshop with passion and enthusiasm.
  • It’s a transparent brand!

No surprises with Paola Borde, everything is clearly indicated on the composition of the products. It is a quality brand: quality is one of the most important factors of the brand. The quality-price ratio is very interesting when you know that it takes almost a week to finalize a product.
  • It’s a committed brand!

All Paola Borde products are made with respect for animal, human and environmental conditions.
So if we still have to convince you to go buy these bags here:

Other reasons to buy a vegan bag:

  • Alternatives to leather exist : At Paola Borde it is cork. Collected without harming the growth of the tree, it gives their products a unique style!
  • Vegan leather is more resistant : No scratches, no stains, you can use your bag without fear of damaging it!
Being in possession of an object that has a soul and a story is very important to us, which is why we invite you to visit Paola Borde's website , or their Facebook account or even their Instagram account to discover their world !

Many thanks to Paola and Constantin for their commitment.

We hope that this article has made you want to invest in a Paola Borde bag!
The Argalys team