L’herboristerie Des Mille Feuilles : votre herboristerie à Villefranche sur Saône

The Mille Feuilles herbalist: your herbalist in Villefranche sur Saône

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In this new “favourite” article, we have decided to find out a little more about the new herbalist located in Villefranche sur Saône: L'Herboristerie des Mille Feuilles.

Herbalism: the birth of the project

Who is behind the project and how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a herbalist in Villefranche sur Saône?

Véronique Roux, energy and Chinese medicine therapist in Bagnols and Theizé, regretted not having a place to refer her patients to find quality plants and derived products.

After deciding to create this place, she turned to the Lyon School of Medicinal Plants (ELPM) to surround herself with two Herbalists: Jennifer Néel and Coraline Taron, trained in the uses and properties of medicinal plants in their various forms. .

The Mille Feuilles Herbalist on a daily basis

How does your store work?

Our shop is a place of life, open to everyone.

It is a herbalist offering dry plants in bulk or mixed for infusions, but also food supplements (Argalys Essential vitamins and minerals, propolis, plants in capsules, syrups, etc.), essential oils, hydrosols (floral waters), vegetable oils and macerates, gemmotherapy (treatment using plant buds), Bach flowers and floral compounds, hydro-alcoholic plant extracts as well as books and accessories (teapots, cups, essential oil diffuser , candles, stone bracelets…)

We also like to highlight the small producers in our region:

  • Elixirlab (St Etienne des Oullières) with its hydrosols and oily macerates
  • Vital Spirulina with its Omegasio (mixture of seeds, sea salt and spirulina) and its spirulina chocolate
  • The Elise des Monts du Lyonnais soap factory: soaps and solid shampoo
  • Manolia cosmetics: quality cosmetics, candles and balms produced in Villefranche
  • Two drinks: kombucha (Genay) and Antidote (St Etienne des Oullières) which is a sparkling apple/grape with an infusion of plants.

You can also find all the products on our online herbalist !

A herbalist but also a place of exchange (bar, workshops, conferences)

Do you offer other services?

It is also a place of exchange and sharing with a herbal tea bar to settle down and discover one of the three herbal teas of the moment, consult the monthly magazine Plantes & santé, leaf through the books in consultation, exchange with us, meet …

We also offer, in our workshop room, to follow a conference, a workshop led by quality speakers , on various themes:

  • Conference on the discovery of hydrosols or gemmotherapy,
  • Conference on health through the seasons or on the management of emotions thanks to Bach flowers
  • Manufacturing workshops: a balm, a herbal tea, a stick with essential oils.

As soon as the good weather returns, we will also have botanical outings for adults and children.

Currently, our herbal tea bar and workshop room being closed, we offer conferences by videoconference (on Zoom) with passionate and exciting speakers.

Our online ticket office allows you to register online: here

You can also book by phone or in store: Do not hesitate to contact us also by phone for special requests, to order non-referenced products, to find out more about our workshops...

essential herbalism in villefranche sur saone argalys

How could a reader help you?

For those closest to you: passing by to meet us in store, share a moment of exchange, discover our products, take part in our workshops!

For the furthest: by following us on Facebook or Instagram and by sharing our project around him!

Thanks to Véronique Roux and her team for answering our questions.

You can find all their products directly in store or via click & collect (by ordering on their site) and for those furthest away, thanks to their online herbalist site : www.herboristeriedesmillefeuilles.fr