Full service – Private label – made in France : innovation, quality, flexibility

Since 2000, Argalys has been developing and producing Food Supplements and innovative nutrition solutions Made in France for our French and international customers, with a permanent objective of perceptible efficiency for consumers and relevant Differentiation / Segmentation for distributors.

A structure fitted to your needs

We have structured our services to meet the “private label” requirements of small and medium-sized companies distributing Food Supplements, as well as ‘new comers’ from emerging markets, by integrating in our services marketing advices together with a flexible and efficient full-service manufacturing offer Made in France.

In compliance with European and French standards and procedures and good manufacturing practices applying to Food supplements.

With a fast, confidential and cost-effective capacity to develop new products. The creation of a coherent and efficient range is often the No.1 objective of our customers.

We have a wide range of formulas already developed for the most important features: drainage, slimming help, transit, flexibility, circulation, relaxation, tonic, visual fatigue, menopause, mutivitamines range and minerals etc.

These formulas are adapted according to specific objectives of each client, at no additional cost.

For all types of dosage forms and packaging (drinks, capsules, sticks, tablets etc.), with flexible minimum order size.

Made In France

A positive image vector internationally, as the country is known for its general concern for food quality and its dynamic Food supplement industry.

Our products are present in more than 10 countries, including outside the European Union: Ukraine, Russia, Mexico etc.

But also one of our solution to lower the carbon footprint of the cycle production, making most of the production operation in a limited geographic area (in the “Rhone Alpes” region)

Marketing and Strategy

We are frequently involved in the marketing conception of the range of products of our customers (from the market segmentation to the final products) specially in the emerging markets.

 Our vision of our contribution

Develop consistent food solutions, in line with the expectation of an important and ever-growing part of the population (“eat less and better”).

This begins with a fine understanding of nutritional needs and new types of eating habits: Vegans, Fasting diets, Seniors more and more active a long time, Teens who are reluctant to eat 5 fruits or vegetables a day, sportsmen who want to combine low mass fat and endurance performance, weight stabilization program, etc.

So many specific situations, which call for adapted answers. We share this expertise with our customers to enable them to define a relevant segmentation that will be recognized as such by consumers.

Some recent lines of work

Daily nutritional balance is essential for long-term health

Moderate and daily intakes are better than intense corrective treatments. A cure is a way of correcting or making up for past imbalances, but it is better to bring nutrients and ‘facilitators’ to the body every day.

The true digestibility of nutriments must be integrated into the design of formulas

Foods are useful only in their part absorbed in the intestine, passing really in the body. It is the concept of “digestibility” which is largely under estimated in the nutritional calculation. This digestibility is very variable from one individual to another (depending on its intestinal flora, the age, the heredity) and also from one nutrient to another.

The case of iron:

(iron of blood origin is correctly assimilated by the organism, iron ‘non-hemi-non sanguine’ is much less: it is an element to take into account in the conceptions of diets Vegan)

More functional packaging consistent with the objectives and participating to the product’s added value for the consumer

The pillbox Vegan Essentiels is a result of our concern for low carbon foot print (made in France, not in China, vegetal plastic & kraft,100% recyclable)

The case of probiotics.

Probiotics are living organisms (bacteria ..) intended to supplement the intestinal flora: as such they are obviously fragile, sensitive to temperature and acidity.

Their packaging in tablet destroys the majority by the heat (close to 100°c at the time of the compression), and in capsule ‘standard’ it is the acidity stomach which takes charge of it.

The right solution: the gastro resistant capsule that will protect the probiotics from these two risks.

Some concrete examples of recent developments

The Argalys Essentiels Range

is the application of our principles to the Vegan diet

  • An extended analysis of the daily nutritional balance of vegan diets, especially for people with increased needs (young growth, seniors, pregnant women) and in ‘poorly controlled’ situations (holidays, meals from home etc.)
  • Targeted responses to respond easily and cheaply to weaknesses or risks detected
  • A search for the lowest carbon footprint over the entire cycle, from manufacturing to distribution
  • 100 % vegan ingredients certified by The Vegetarian Society of UK

‘Arga fruits and vegetables’ bars:

an attractive concept to answer a specific question: “how to make young people eat vegetables and fruits ?”

A headache for all those who prepare them to eat (whether home or at school), but also more seriously a major challenge to fight against overweight. Argalys offers a fun and innovative solution, well adapted to young consumers

Launch : January 2018

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