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Vitamin B12 (1000 µg) + Iodine and Selenium

60 capsules certified by The Vegetarian Society in a low-carbon, 100% recyclable and endocrine disruptor-free pill box


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For adult Vegan: 2 capsules per week (in two separate doses).

For vegetarians, flexitarians, senior omnivores, vegan children from 8 to 12 years old:
1 capsule per week.


Vitamin B12 :

Vitamin B12 supplementation is mandatory for both vegan and vegetarian diets. Vitamin B12 contributes to the body’s balance.

It acts on the functioning of the brain, the nervous system, it is essential for the proper development of the fetus and growing children. The high dose allows to limit the intake to one or two capsules per week, with a maximum safety margin.

The Oligo elements:

Iodine is essential for proper thyroid function and there is a high risk of deficiency in both vegan and vegetarian diets.

Selenium is involved in many metabolic functions, (enzymatic reactions, functioning of the immune system, absorption of B group vitamins). The selenium content of plants is difficult to predict, it depends in particular on the soil in which they have grown.

In summary:


  • 1000 µg of vitamin B12 in a single capsule: for one to two capsules/week, without any risk of overdose.
  • Additional contributions of Iodine and Selenium.
  • 30 to 60 weeks of vitamin B12 coverage with a single box.
  • Cyanocobalamin of bacterial origin, more stable and better absorbed molecule.
  • 100% manufactured in France (Rhône Alpes Auvergne).
  • No magnesium stearate, no colouring agents.
  • Eco-responsible: Pill box that can be recycled by composting and reused, made from plants and cardboard (without phthalates or endocrine disrupters).
  • Vegan: certified by The Vegetarian Society.



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Our will for the Argalys Essentiels range?

Innovate to provide the bulk of nutritional support, compatible with all diets by improving their ethical and ecological aspects.

Our Vitamin B12 with 1000 µg cyanocabalamin with Iodine and Selenium is essential for all serious vegan, vegetarian* and flexitarian* vegan.

This supplement is produced in France, with real ethical quality, without negative impact on wildlife and with a low carbon footprint.

* the vitamin B12 content of eggs and dairy products remains very insufficient to meet daily needs with a normal diet. This applies to all flexitarians who consume animal protein less than 3 times a week. On the other hand, there is no risk of adverse effect of a high dose of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is only found in foods of animal origin and in foods fortified with this vitamin.

For vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians with low animal consumption, vitamin B12 supplementation is mandatory for the former, highly recommended for the latter, and with doses higher than those of the official NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values) which are calculated for omnivorous diets.

Vitamin B12 is essential for DNA synthesis, the production of healthy blood cells, cell renewal (necessary for healthy skin, among other things) and the proper functioning of our nervous system.
During pregnancy, vitamin B12 is essential for the proper nervous development of the fetus.

10 to 30% of Seniors have problems absorbing vitamin B12, regardless of their diet. In Canada, the Official Health Agency recommends that they consume foods rich in vitamin B12 or take dietary supplements.


The question of official RDAs/NRVs*


For vitamin B12 these references are estimated from omnivorous diets and are very underestimated for Vegans, at least in Europe (American RDIs are 6 µg/day, 2.5 more than NRVs!).

In addition, there is no risk of vitamin B12 overdose. Dozens of scientific studies on this subject have all come to this conclusion.

*(Recommended Daily Intakes/ Nutritional Reference Value)


Is one or two takes a week reasonable?


“Yes, because the body can store sufficient reserves of vitamin B12 for a week, but only if the intake is significantly overestimated.”


One Argalys Essentiels capsule provides 1000 µg of cyanocobalamin per capsule, i.e. 400 times the daily dose (according to European NRVs), (and therefore 800 times for a two-capsule/week intake) level considered very safe by all nutrition experts to cover vitamin B12 needs in all circumstances, and even allow the replenishment of the B12 stock for deficient individuals.


Deficiencies and Sub Deficiencies Vitamin B12 deficiencies: the risks?


In children, including during the intrauterine period, vitamin B12 deficiency has an impact on brain and neural growth and development. During pregnancy, the vegan, vegetarian or even flexitaristic mother-to-be must ensure complete coverage of her B12 needs.

In adulthood, the effects of disabilities are slower and more diffuse. One of the first noticeable symptoms is often the increase in tingling in the extremities of the limbs, but the lack of B12 has an impact on the proper renewal of red blood cells and tissues and is accompanied by negative symptoms of varying intensity (anemia, diarrhea, irritated tongue, visual and memory disorders, etc.).

From the age of 60, vitamin B12 is less well assimilated, which further increases the risk of deficiency and reinforces the need for supplementation, including for omnivores.


Where to buy Argalys Essentiel products ?


Cyanocobalamin, sodium selenite, potassium iodide. Additives: maltodextrin, silicon dioxide (E551), acacia powder. HPMC vegetable capsule