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Discover our new multi-vitamins and mineral formula, specially designed for children – 60 capsules


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Vega Kid - 60 capsules

The Vega Kid supplement is a unique combination of vitamins and minerals to meet the micro-nutritional needs of children, ensure their harmonious growth, reduce fatigue and strengthen their immune system.

This formula provides sufficient vitamin B12 for children from 1 year old.
This vitamin is essential for children, especially those whose diet is mainly plant-based, as it contributes to the development of the nervous and cerebral systems.

Essential vitamins and minerals for children from the age of one

The Vega Kid supplement provides essential micronutrients for all children.

Each capsule contains Calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E as well as Iodine and Zinc.

These trace elements are rarely combined in a dosage that is compatible and significant with young age.
This is particularly the case for Iodine, where the maximum daily dose not to be exceeded is 30 μg (at 1 year of age)

Why did we choose capsules for this supplement for children?

For Vega Kid, we have chosen a supplement in the form of vegetarian capsules.

Before the child is able to swallow the capsule (at least until 5 years of age), the parents must open the capsule and dilute it in the child's food for greater safety when taking it.

Other existing forms such as tablets or gummies have unfavourable active/additive ratios and contribute to the child's poor diet.
For our Vega Kid supplement, each capsule contains 95% active ingredients and 5% natural additives. The Spray was an incompatible solution with the Calcium which is an essential element for the quality of the formula.

Product advantages :

  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals for the good development of the child, for all diets
  • Sugar and magnesium stearate free, pullulan capsule
  • For the child: no risk of confusion with a candy
  • Less than 10% natural additives (rice bran)
  • Easy and safe administration of the capsules
  • Eco-friendly
  • Certified Vegan

Each capsule of the Vega Kid supplement concentrates vitamins and minerals essential to the child:

Calcium: Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is essential for the growth and good health of children.
It is involved in the formation of bones and teeth

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is involved in many of the body’s reactions and plays a fundamental role in the development of the nervous system, the brain and the body in children and infants.
A deficiency in children can have irreparable consequences on brain development and certain body functions. A recent English study has confirmed the real impact of vitamin B12 deficiency in children on their later cognitive abilities (up to more than 10 years).

Vitamin D3 (of plant origin): Vitamin D has many roles in the body. Vitamin D promotes the intestinal absorption of calcium and its fixation on the bones. It is necessary for the growth and strength of the skeleton. Vitamin D is also involved in immunity mechanisms.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E protects the body’s cells thanks to its antioxidant power which acts against free radicals. It is also involved in the synthesis of red blood cells. It is therefore essential for children.

Iodine: Iodine is a trace element that is essential for the proper functioning of the body because it is particularly involved in the thyroid gland, which produces the thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which are very involved in the growth of the nervous system and the skeleton.
Iodine deficiency in children can lead to thyroid disorders, resulting in reduced cognitive ability and/or skeletal growth. Iodine intakes must be measured very precisely.

Zinc: Zinc is essential for cell multiplication and differentiation and for tissue healing. It also helps to strengthen the immune system. Zinc deficiency in children can lead to growth problems and reduced resistance to infection.

Vegakid can ideally be combined with complementary intakes of DHA (one 250 mg capsule every two days) and Iron (not included in the formula to limit interference with other trace elements)

When should I take Vega Kid?

  • Vegakid is designed to be taken regularly every day by children from one year of age.
  • This supplement is without risk of overdose (with one capsule/day) and secures the growth and cerebral development of the child when associated with a balanced diet (Protein, carbohydrates, lipids, fibres).

How many capsules?

  • For children under 8 years: 1 capsule per day
  • For children over 8 years: 2 capsules per day

How to take the capsule?

  • This food supplement is intended for children but should be taken under parental supervision.
  • We recommend that the pillbox be kept out of the child’s reach, so that he or she does not get into the habit of taking this type of product himself or herself, to avoid any risk of confusion with a medicine later on.
  • Until the child is able to swallow the capsules (not before 5 years), they should be opened and diluted in the child’s semi-solid food (cream, porridge) rather than in liquid.
  • As soon as the child knows how to swallow the capsule, we recommend that you give it to the child to swallow with a large glass of water.

Duration of a box :

  • One box lasts 60 days, at 1 capsule per day. That is to say: 1.75€ for one week approximately

Precautions to be taken:          

  • Keep out of reach of children, away from heat and humidity.
  • To be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Before the age of 3: consult your doctor before the treatment.
  • After 3 years: follow the recommendations of a health professional.
One Vega Kid vegetarian capsule contains : Ingredients: calcium carbonate, DL tocopherol acetate, zinc gluconate, potassium iodide, cholecalcipherol (natural origin, lichen), cyanocobalamin. Additive: rice bran. Pullulan capsule. This supplement is declared in France to the DGCCRF under the number 2020/12/763
Actifs Actives Avant 8 ans, dose par gélule (1 gélule/jour) %VNR (adulte) Après 8 ans, dose journalière (2 gélules) %VNR (adulte)
Calcium 175 mg 22% 340 mg 44%
Vitamine B12 5 μg 200% 10 μg 400%
Vitamine D3 10 μg 200% 20 μg 400%
Vitamine E 6 mg 50% 12 μg 100%
Iode 30 μg 20% 60 μg 40%
Zinc 5 mg 45% 10 μg 90%

Why offer a food supplement for children?


The Vega Kid supplement reflects our desire to secure the essential vitamin and mineral intake of all children, at all ages.

For parents, getting children to eat a healthy and varied diet is not always easy. Lack of time, difficulty in getting children to eat certain foods and fatigue are all factors that can make the task difficult on a daily basis.

However, providing them with the nutrients they need for their growth is essential to avoid deficiencies, which are always problematic at this age: at the foetal stage and during the first few years, the growth of the cerebral and nervous system is more important than that of the rest of the body. For this reason, adequate supplies of Vitamin B12 and Iodine are of fundamental importance.

This unique solution was designed with the help of experts who are very involved in the daily nutritional monitoring of mothers and their children. Their experience has been invaluable in defining a formula that is well adapted to the reality and weaknesses generally observed in children’s micronutrition.


What vitamins and food supplements should I give my child?


Childhood is a key period during which children will need a regular supply of vitamins and minerals to support their growth. Most vitamins, which are not synthesised by the body, should be provided by a balanced and varied diet.

Vitamin D3, like calcium, is essential for building strong bones, which are necessary for the child’s development and growth. Group B vitamins (vitamin B12) also play an important role in energy production and contribute to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. For children on a plant-based diet, vitamin B12 is mandatory from birth.

Trace elements are directly involved in many physiological processes and are involved in the composition of organs, muscles etc. Regular intake of iodine, zinc, fluorine and selenium is therefore highly recommended.


The Argalys Essentiels children’s multi-vitamin and mineral supplement : The Vega Kid !


Specially designed for children, including those on mainly plant-based diets, Vega Kid is a supplement that concentrates several vitamins and minerals essential for growth.

Vega Kid is a daily aid that perfectly complements a diet already balanced in proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, with targeted and adapted contributions of vitamins and minerals.

The active ingredients in Vegakid are dosed for safe intake from the age of 1 year and the ‘capsule’ form allows you to control the intake of the supplement by the child.
By diluting the contents of the capsule yourself in your child’s food, you can ensure that the right amount of micronutrients is provided precisely and without risk.

Does Vegakid contain animal substances?
The Vegakid formula is certified Vegan like all the products in the Argalys Essentiels range.
At what age can I start giving my child this supplement?
From the age of one and throughout his growth.
Is this product only for vegan children?
The micronutrients present in our Vegakid formula (vitamins B12, D3, E, zinc, selenium and calcium) are essential for the qualitative growth (nervous and bone tissue in particular) of all children. Vegakid allows to secure these intakes whatever the diet of the child. The intake of Vitamin B12 is obviously an obligation for vegan children.
Can I open the capsules if my child cannot swallow them?
Yes, the pullulan capsule is designed for this purpose. We recommend mixing the capsule powder with a semi-solid food (cream, etc.) rather than in a glass of water as it is not very soluble and not flavored.
Why didn't you choose a spray?
We wanted to have in this formula Calcium, for which children have important needs (for the growth of the skeleton) and often limited food intake. It is technically not possible to solubilize in a spray a significant quantity of calcium without creating a paste impossible to nebulize. From an educational point of view, we also wanted to avoid a form that was too playful or easy to use directly by the child, so that the administration and intake of Vegakid would remain under strict parental control. This is also the reason why we have eliminated the 'gummies' form, which is similar to candy.


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