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3 essential amino acids : Methionine, Lysine, Cysteine

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60 capsules certified by The Vegetarian Society in a low carbon footprint pillbox, 100% recyclable and without endocrine disruptors to ensure essential amino acid coverage : Lysine, Methionine and Cystine. Our capsules ensure the coverage of protein requirements. Significant intake of 3 Amino Acids, frequently limiting in vegetarian and vegan diets:
  • Lysine (14% RDI)
  • Methionine (14% RDI)
  • Cystine (14% RDI)
(*recommended daily adult intake per capsule) For a better coverage of protein needs.

For the 3 concerned amino acids :
One Vegan Essentiels Caps supply the same quantity as :

• 50 gr of Quinoa
• 20 caps of 500Mg of Spirulina


1 to 2 capsules per day depending on other protein intake from the diet.

Young & Seniors :

2 to 3 capsules per day depending on the other protein intakes in the diet, particularly the right balance of cereals and legumes.

300 mg Lysine (lysine hydrochloride) 100 mg Methionine 50 mg L Cystine Qs 455 mg Additives (anti-agglomerant) Magnesium stearate -silicon oxide magnesium stearate E 572 -silicon oxide E 551 Capsule 95 mg HPMC (hypromellosis) E464 - Gellan gum E 418

The protein super insurance

Proteins are the essential constituents of all our cellular tissues (including hair & nails) and the coverage of daily needs is indispensable. Proteins are a family of molecules made up of assemblages of bricks called amino acids, 9 of which are called essential because they cannot be synthesized by the body. We then speak of protein needs by simplification but it is in fact needs for each of the nine essential amino acids.

Animal proteins have an amino acid profile very close to our needs, but plant proteins, depending on their species, have different amino acid profiles (Quinoa is one of the exceptions with a very complete profile but which requires significant daily intakes*).

The 3 essential amino acids that are the most easily critical in vegetarian diets are: Lysine and the two sulphur amino acids (Methionine & Cysteine or Cystine). The first precaution to be taken is to mix vegetable protein intakes between protein seeds (rich in lysine but low in sulphur amino acids) and cereals (rich in sulphur amino acids but low in lysine). This normally ensures good coverage of the needs for the other amino acids.

Nevertheless, because these 3 amino acids are of capital importance, because our organism renews 200 million cells per minute, because the needs of young people, seniors, pregnant women are important, and because it is difficult to observe a perfect diet for proteins every day, we have designed a formula that provides the necessary security for the coverage of these needs. Each capsule provides 14% of the RDA (adult 70kg) in Lysine, Methionine and Cysteine (source: This makes it possible to modulate intake according to real needs*. Except in specific cases, it is not necessary to exceed 3 capsules per day (i.e. 42% of daily requirements), the rest must be provided by the diet.

For maximum efficiency and comfort during digestion, the capsules are gastro-resistant so that they can be released directly into the intestine, whatever the time of intake.
*for an adult of 70 kg: protein requirements 58 g / day, equivalent to 450 g of dry quinoa per day (16% protein x 80% digestibility).

One Vegan-Essentiels 3 Amino Acid capsule provides a quantity of Lysine, Methionine and Cysteine equivalent to 50 grams of Quinoa (Cost of 50 g of quinoa: 0,60 € (6 €/500g). Cost of one capsule: 0.25€)
One 3-amino acid capsule provides a quantity of Lysine, Methionine and Cysteine equivalent to 20 to 25 capsules of 500 mg of Spirulina.

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