Argalys Essentiels

3 essential amino acids : Methionine, Lysine, Cysteine

60 capsules certified by The Vegetarian Society in low carbon footprint, 100% recyclable and without endocrine disruptors to ensure coverage of essential amino acids : Lysine, Methionine and Cystine


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One to two capsules/day according to the other intakes of Proteins*

*except of the Quinoa, most vegetable sources of protein have an incomplete Amino acid profile, a daily combination of cereals & nuts/beans is therefore recommended


For the 3 concerned amino acids :
One Vegan Essentiels Caps supply the same quantity as :

• 50 gr of Quinoa
• 20 caps of 500Mg of Spirulina

Proteins are the essential components of all our cellular tissues, including hair & nails and daily needs coverage is essential. Proteins are a family of molecules made up of brick assemblies called Amino Acids, 9 of which are said to be essential because they can not be synthesized by the body. We are talking about protein needs for simplification, but these are actually needs for each of the nine essential amino acids.

Animal proteins have an amino acid profile very close to our needs, but vegetable proteins, according to their species, have different amino acid profiles (quinoa is one of the exceptions with a very complete but which requires large amounts of daily ingest*).

The 3 most easily critical essential amino acids in vegetarian diets are : Lysine and both sulfur-containing amino acids (Methionine & Cysteine ​​or cystine).

The first precaution to be taken, is to combine in the meals the sources of vegetable proteins between beans & grains (rich in Lysin but poor in sulfur amino acids) and cereals (rich in sulfur-containing amino acids but poor in lysin). This balance normally ensures the good coverage of needs for most amino acids.
Nevertheless, because these above mentioned 3 Amino Acids are of paramount importance, that the needs of youngs, older, pregnant women are important, because it is difficult to observe every day a perfect diet for proteins, we have designed a formula that cover these needs, in all cases.

Each capsule provides 14% of RDA (adult 70kg) in Lysine, Methionine and Cystine ​​(source:, which allows to modulate the intake according to each individual situation. It is not necessary to exceed 3 capsules per day (42% of daily needs), the rest to be supplied by the meals.
For maximum efficiency and comfort during digestion the capsules are gastro resistant in order to be released into the intestine, rather than in the stomach, whatever the moment of taking, to avoid any gastric discomfort .
* for an adult weighing 70 kg: protein requirements 58 g/day, equivalent to 450g of dry quinoa per day (16% protein x 80% digestibility)

One capsule 3 Amino Acids brings a quantity of Lysine, Methionine and Cystine ​​equivalent to 50g of Quinoa.
Cost of 50g of quinoa: 0,60 € (6€ / 500g). Cost of a capsule: 0,25 €
One capsule 3 Amino Acids brings a quantity of Lysine, Methionine and Cystine equivalent to 20 to 25 capsules of 500mg of Spirulina.

Vegan Essentiels capsules are packaged in 100% recyclable and compostable containers of cardboard and vegetal plastic exclusively derived from renewable resources (plants, cereals) according to the standards EN 13432. It does not contain Bisphenol A or other endocrine disruptors.

Your Vegan Essentiels containers will be glad to have a second life for your home use (salt, peppercorns, spices etc.), think twice before to throw it away unnecessarily !


Where to buy Argalys Essentiel products ?


One capsule provides (% RDA*)

• Lysine: 300 mg per capsule (14%) • Methionine: 100 mg per capsule (14%) • L Cystine: 50 mg per capsule (14%)

Vegetable Capsule 90 mg
* Recommended Dietary Allowance