2020: the private label demand for Argalys‘ food supplements is booming

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This article is a short report upon our Private label & customized development activities : booming everywhere.

Without overpassing our strict confidentiality rules around each project, we are glad to say that Argalys has recorded during this year a never seen before demand for our services of Private label & specific formulations of Food Supplements, from all around the world (though a majority from European countries).

The reasons of the increase of the demand for our private label services & dietary supplements

The main explanation we ‘ve found for this are:

Two external factors:

  • The Covid Pandemia which further the consumption of Vitamins & Immuno stimulating Supplements.
  • The evolution of the distribution networks towards more e-commerce in every country create new opportunities and by consequence, newcomers in the industry. Nearly 30% of the demands concerned the creation from scratch to launch a new project of Private label supplements. Our pride is to see some of them already re-ordering!

Two internal factors:

Those factors are linked to the specificities of our dual business model with an historical BtoB activity and the new food supplements range Argalys Essentiels seen as truly edge cutting.

1. The attractivity of this Argalys Essentiels food supplements Concept (vegan, ecofriendly, tuned formulas for a shorter range with clear functionalities) inspire many other professionals.

The new generation of consumers, all around the world, is very sensitive for those – never seen together – features and we’re always glad to share our vision and expertise on the matter.

2. Our services, easy to deal with, flexible yet versatile, but also paying a lot of attention to the true customization of the products developed for our customers:

We don’t have ready-made formulas on stock, as our goal is to provide everyone with a specific and unique solution. Our network of experienced and trustable partners in France enables us to build up the most performing supply chain whatever the type of final product.

Some countries of origin of our developments in 2020:

– Belgium, China (HK), Italy, France, Lithuania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, UK, USA

What forms of food supplements do we develop with our private label offer?

We can develop all existing forms of supplements.

For the new project which are always ‘MOQ sensitive’ we tend to recommend capsules as most flexible galenic form, though we also develop formulas with tablets, liquids or soft gels, with a great variety of final packaging.

Gummies food supplements

The recently popular gummies are one of the few ‘specialty’ (we can’t call this ‘ galenic form’) that we do not develop : the ratio active /additives is poor (in the range of 150/500 mg) and those additives are mainly sugar.

In addition, these gummies are more and more used to enable children to consume food supplements though Food supplements should not be given as candies to children in our view.

Our private label service in 2021

We’ll keep exactly the same modus operandi in 2021, available at your service to develop together cutting-edge Food supplements with added value for you and the consumers, not ‘mee too’ commodities.

Feel free to share with us your project!

With our best wishes for 2021.

The Argalys team

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